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Posted By Tony on March 5th, 2010

Hey guys, I’ve introduced Swagbucks to you guys in the past and here I am again, giving you an update on Swagbucks. Swagbucks just had its 3-year anniversary and with it came a load of updates. Swagbucks continues to provide a search function for its user, but you also get PAID for searching. As you [...]


Is Lockerz a Scam?

Posted By Tony on August 18th, 2009

Lockerz Invite

The Get Paid To community has been in an uproar after the launch of a new rewards based site–Lockerz.

Questions have been brought up about the legitimacy of a  site that rewards you for doing just about anything.

So what is Lockerz?

Lockerz.com is a brand new site that rewards you for just about everything you do. Registration is very easy and members can earn points extremely quickly. One of the main reasons why its popularity is spreading so rapidly is because it’s very easy to earn enough points to redeem a variety of merchandise. This includes MacBooks, Designer Handbags, Video Games, iPods, Nintendo Wiis and much more.

How it works

You can earn points in 3 ways:

1. Logging in each day.

2. Answering the question of the day.

3. Referring new members.

For example, in the first day alone, I got 23ptz through registration, 2 ptz for signing in, and another 2 ptz for answering the question of the day. All this for a grand total of 27pts! What does this all mean? Well, I can already redeem many videos games such as GTA4, which is priced 25pts!

Is Lockerz.com a legitimate website?

As a testament to the legitimacy of Lockerz.com, its CEO, Kathy Savitt, used to be Vice President at Amazon.com and the CMO at American Eagle. Lockerz.com major financial contributors is Liberty Media, which owns a major part of Time Warner, which is the firm that supports Bodybuilding.com and QVC.

Currently, Lockerz is in beta and access is invitation only.

To get an invite:

1)Please subscribe to my blog!

I only get a certain number of invites per day, and want to focus on rewarding my loyal readers.

2)Please contact me if you are interested in joining! Make sure to put “Lockerz Invite” in your title or something of that sort so I don’t miss your request. I’ll make sure to double check with my email subscription list to insure that you’ve subscribed to my blog.

Thanks a bunch for reading and if you like what you’re reading, please subscribe to my blog!


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632 Responses to “Is Lockerz a Scam?”

  1. Andrew says:

    Just so you know, there are plenty of testimonials on youtube if you doubt its legit.

    • Daniel says:

      haha, is there any way of knowing theyre all fake? they could have just wrapped mp3s in some boxes and say that theyre from Lockerz. We have noooo idea of knowing if its legit or not.

      • JOE says:


      • kirk says:

        well actualy search up on youtube, lockerz unboxing , FACT 1 they have exactly the same box from each unboxing provings its from lcokerz,they have a leaflet which comes with it,look onj youtube lockerz unboxing, its 100 % legit.

  2. Proprietor says:


    The people here are blinded by the fact that they can receive free items for doing practically nothing.

    Its very simple, its a scam. Prises go out to only a certain percentage, who the lucky one will be purely random or, more likely, after a well thought out algorithm. The person who received the free item will spread the word and more and more people will join. Those that still haven’t received anything will still be interested in answering surveys and watching ads. Wasting their time, when they could be earning money or getting an education.

    People come to school with t-shirts from lockerz and more and more people join. The prize costs them ~1 Dollar but is worth hundreds or thousands in advertising.

    And to you, the one that wrote the blog, you twat, you are a member yourself, and want to recruit more people. How the hell will such a report about lockerz be fair and balanced. Go back to FOX news you monkey!!!

    • Anonymous - For GREAT JUSTICE says:


      >>And to you, the one that wrote the blog, you twat, you are a member yourself, and want to recruit more people. How the hell will such a report about lockerz be fair and balanced. Go back to FOX news you monkey!!!

      You’re fucking retarded. :\

      • Jane says:

        Uh, whos’ the retard? The one that thinks they’re going to get a free Wii just by looking at surveys? These scams are OLD.

        Google for “freeflixtix.com” – remember? “Free movie tickets” just for referring 5 friends! Yeah so simple, right? NOT. They were spammers, collected all your information (and address, since you had to provide the address to send tickets to) and SOLD your information to whatever advertising and junk mail company they could. Yes, a percentage of people got free movie tickets. SO I guess if you call that “legit” than.. well, you’re the fucking retard.

    • Valy says:

      You Know What do you have proof for that….no so dont say anything ok cuz lockerz is real just because you guyz are to lazy to get any points doesnt mean its a scam its not

    • jagga says:

      There are no adds in lockerz so I guess your enraged answer fails hard right there…

      Yes, you are right, only a few percentage of people get the prises still it ain’t that different from playing bingo or loto, oh wait… it is… it’s free…

      And what a waste of time… you take like 10 seconds answering the questions + 5 seconds accessing the site… so… I guess 20 seconds (5 for the login and 5 for the daily question plus 10 answering) is too much time and I could do my phd on that…

      Man if you never tried it or don’t even know what the guy up there is talking about, maybe you should just shut up… and spend the time you spent writing those 4 paragraphs doing something usefull… maybe getting an education or perhaps learning how to live and let live..

      So freaking tired of everyone giving unfounded opinions on this subject.

      • Larry says:

        What makes you think your opinion is better than anyone else’s..
        Is your opinion “founded” as opposed to my “unfounded” one.

      • Proprietor says:

        You silly goat, you still don’t get it do you?

        The only thing you can win in this lottery is an ad, you will be walking around the school wearing a t-shirt with their logo on. Would you go around school with a t-shirt saying “Buy the 5 $ lottery ticket, win millions”?, because its basically the same thing.

        have you ever asked yourself why there actually are people doing the ‘unboxing’? Two reasons:

        They are FanScape employees wanting you to join cause they are getting paid for it.


        They are lockerz members that got a ad t-shirt to wear and want to invite more people to get more ptz, in hopes to get enough points to buy lockerz wallpapers (because thats all they are going to get).

        You asinine tool, why should I shut up? The only information you and people around you are getting is that lockerz is the best, because those telling you are FanScape/lockerz employees or people who want to trade you for ptz.

    • Devante says:


      you guys are blowing this wayyyy out of proportion,,theres nothing to lose by doin it,and its not a waste of time it takes lik 4 seconds to answer there question and maybe you get sumthin,,its not a big deal…sheesh ppl like you are wierd lol

    • Devil's Advocate says:

      Okay… What would they be trying to scam you on? My friend has an account, and he said they only ask for your STREET. What would a website with no advertisements and no useful personal information be trying to scam? So far, he’s spent two months on this… Program? Site? Whichever, and he has gotten a Ripstick, and an Mac book Air.

      What could they be possibly trying to scam? What… will they go to every house on your street and say, “Hello! Does John Smith live here?” I doubt it. If you have any kind of legitimate argument on this topic that you are willing to back up, please tell me.

      • Rick says:

        Okay, I have to stop you right there. If you only give the street you live on, then how the fuck do you get your prizes delivered to you? And yes, I was a member, did some research, and quit.

    • Joseph says:

      Hey, watch your mouth and what you say Mr. You aren’t even a member and you actually dont know what goes on in Lockerz, if you don’t even have a clue on what it is, then don’t judge it (you can’t judge things from the outside). Become a member yourself , and then after you try it out, start commenting on it! I’m trying to be as polite as possible here, but you need to learn, this isn’t like swagbucks and other “survey for points” crap. And just for you info, this site does not have any shitty surveys or ads that you watch or take to earn more points, you just visit too many scam sites that you believe in nothing. And this site is a professional site made by the previous CEO of Amazon.com. Oh, and if you’re wondering where they get all the money to give all the free gifts out (this is the one part that you were kind of correct) , they let other companies advertise themselves with ads on lockerz (just like google and facebook, cause, as you probably already know,the more members you have, the more money it costs for companies to post their ads
      ) and they earn money through that and let people redeem items according to how much points they have. Also, when you become a member, you can view the daily videos that Lockerz posts and you will be confirmed that Lockerz is real (They have videos like the Lockerz Only Gym Class Heroes concerts as well as some of estelle’s concerts. Besides, if you have any problems, you can contact them during office hours and talk to a real person (not those fake automated bulls***) about the site. You were also right on one more thing, yes this writer is trying to get some more invites cause you earn points everytime you make a person join. Anyways, if I wasn’t very polite in talking there, please tell me (I was a rude and rough person before, but I’m trying my best to become more polite). Well thanks for listening.

      • Proprietor says:

        joseph you spaz

        I am a member, and I am actually on the z-list. You can guess how I got there, and how many z-list accounts I have. You can easily sign up from many differnet IP addresses and email addresses since I am using a bouncer and log in every day via a script and do occasional surveys manually.

        But you can do it when going to the library, at school to log in on different computers etc etc. Sign up on different email addresses, using yahoo to create them.

        (oh noes I will get banned for cheating… well I haven’t so far and I never will, since I know how scam sites works)

        But, the fact that a previous CEO made the site means absolutely NOTHING! Exxon, Enron… rings any bells?

        Any service that involves referrals is a scam, its the same system as a pyramid scheme, occasional gifts to the high level referrals but always never enough to any other member.

        All the people giving the testimonials or ‘unboxings’ are only trying to convince you so that they can invite you… nothing more.

        Lockerz wants you to become their advertisers so that they can earn more money, give you products that cost anything in the range of 1-20 $, keep the more valuable to an inner circle so that you will still be interested, since someone is getting good prizes.

        ah… you used to be a rude person… thanks for saying that I need to ‘calm my ass down’. did you also use to be a retard? since you are reading this… not listening ;)

  3. logan says:

    that is exactly what happened to me

  4. Hitman says:

    Same here–Had 1026 Points… Redeemed the Mac Book Pro.

    Got a letter saying I cheated and they made my account points to 0.



    • David says:

      I’m sorry, but it’s kind of obvious that you are writing this without any experience on lockerz, just to support the scammers with no evidence,And just for your f***ing knowledge, the macbook pros are 1500 points and they never let you redeem anything or even click on the Redeem button if you don’t have enough points (even if you had 1499 points and you were trying to buy the Macbook pro, they wont let you, no matter what, unless you “actually” cheat) So stop acting like you tried something when you didn’t, just to look cool and fit in.

  5. ecasmb says:

    i have buy’d GTA IV few weeks ago i got it now so its workd by me ? but its not 25 ptz its 130 ptz with shipping

    • Joseph says:

      That’s because your outside the continental us, they clearly say in their Rules on the bottom of the main page that they will take 25 points off your account for shipping if you are out of the continental us. I hope that was useful information, Thanks for reading!

  6. Chris says:

    I would have to agree, if you think about it they are now having sweepstakes for items which should have been open in the restocking.

    How sad!

    • David says:

      that’s because they aren’t fully launched yet and haven’t got the pattern of refreshing started. Think about it, they were created a few months ago, and they still haven’t officially launched. Just think, Would you just do a sweepstakes for one item a day, or refresh for thousands of prizes, when your site isn’t even fully ready yet? that’s why they are doing daily sweepstakes for now until they settle in and get everything ready. Well, thanks for listening,(I hope I was polite and not very rude).

  7. mayor says:

    I logged in and everything and my point stil remained 0.i think its a scam

    • lala says:

      i had the same problem but i made an new account and then it worked perfectly but i still am saving for gta4 btw it isn’t 25ptz it’s 100 but you have to add the shipping

    • Casey says:

      That happened to me to but my points came up after logging out and back in two times ive been on lockerz for 5 days and already have 75ptz i just became a z-lister today now im getting 8 points a day. Im not going to spend any points until i get my lockerz shirt and if i dont get it than ill just leave the site alone and forget about it im not 100% lockerz is legit but i know rewards1 is real but you do have to give your card numbers and personal info and all that bs im only 15 i don’t need that chit. Also i hear it take about 2 weeks for the shirt to get to you and that they would send you a confirmation email but no email yet also heard it takes about 2-3 days for the email to get to you so be patient with lockerz.

      • Joseph says:

        they usually dodn’t give you an email, but the t-shirts do come within 20 days, my t-shirt was five days late, and I was worried that it wouldn’t come, but it came, so don’t expect an email, but just wait for the t-shirt, it will come within 20 days(not 14 but 20 days)

    • Joseph says:

      They are still undergoing changes for their official release in 2010 and have said in the News section that the ptz might not show up for a while, and that although it might not show up on your screen, the actual points are kept safe in their database, if you can’t see your correct points, give it about 20 days, and it will start showing up (it also happened with me and it got me worried, but it showed up after about a week and a half). Thanks for reading!!!

  8. TheXin says:

    Look at the facts, they are funded by a well known company and the CEO has a pretty good background. Why would they scam?
    @Hitman: You honestly didn’t cheat? I recall your name on a cheating forum.

    Lockers is a marketing site so that can make enough money to send out prizes. However they are limiting the number of prizes or they would have allowed users to request prizes instead of waiting for stock.

  9. Madridista says:

    Hi guys,i live in sudan and i wonder does Lockerz ship their prizes abroad and is Sudan included? please reply :’(

    • The wise guy says:

      They won’t ship you nothing, so don’t bother asking, they are scam like any site that gives you stuff for nothing.These guys are smart and they earn money for the alexa rating which is high.how is high?simple
      Curent rate of stupidity in this world=Very high, which leaves the curent proportion, ALexa rating=Very high *Alexa rating is the web site hit rate which of course, the more the beter.This site is priceless but in all ways.There’s no price for it!

    • Joseph says:

      Yes they do ship it to anywhere in the world, but if you’re outside of the continental us, they will charge you an extra 25-50 points (usually 25) for global shipping.

  10. mike says:

    Without a doubt, 100% scam. The chances of you actually claiming a prize is virtually the same as winning the jackpot in your local lottery…. In order to claim a reward you are required to sign up 1000 + members, anything less and you will NOT get a prize. This is why theres so many dickheads on youtube posting videos claiming they have a “hack” which will unlock thousands of points for you… when in actual fact they are only after your email so they can sign up 1000 members and claim a prize.
    Also note: Sometimes they will refuse to send your prize. Just think about it people, “if its too good to be true, then it means that it is”. Beware the many scams of the internet. You have been warned.

  11. David says:

    hey umm quick question
    in lockerz.com
    i have 160 points and I want a game . But every time I click redeem and see the game i want It always says ” More Soon”
    like wtf? is it ever not going to say that so i can redeem it :( ?

    • Zbigniew says:

      You are absolutely right. I have had the same problems when trying to redeem. This is all BS. They may have few items in stock that can be redeemed and that’s it. Either random people get them or those that they paid to claim they have received prizes from them. It all comes to having millions of registered users that can be used for marketing purposes. Think logically. How can they supply free prizes for millions of users. It is impossible unless they have fat millions of dollars to throw away. Doing some simple math explains it all. I just visited
      http://www.lockerz-scam.com and they provide lot of details. Cheers :)

    • KJ says:

      I no, u can never actually get anything unless you are on when it says redeem. They dont give money to charity when you say redeem so dont bother

    • Casey says:

      They are currently restocking they said the restock was to happen on Tuesday but i don’t know could be later.

    • Joseph says:

      They haven’t officially launched yet so they are kind of slow on the restocking for now. But give it some time, and they will refresh, They just had a refreshing of the prizes for the z listers a few days ago, so they should have a prize tide within 2 months at the most.

      • Proprietor says:

        oh joseph…

        always give it more time.. its still in beat phase… they hired me to tell you that all is fine, just invite more people and make us more money…

        Wait 2 months… seriously?

        Why then advertise that you can get anything at all, if you have to wait 2 months? Isn’t that stupid and aren’t they fooling the members?

        Maybe its just to keep the users wanting, answering nonsense surveys and watching ads and bringing in more money to the company.


        Because telling people that something is sold out doesn’t cost them anything at all. You are still interested and forced to continue to log in, since you already wasted so much time and want a payoff.

        That’s what on lockerz crest, right?

        Whenever I get my vnc up I will raep the servers :D

  12. Detry322 says:

    @Madridista They are not a scam, but they only open the prizes for about 5 minutes. Then they “restock” for like a month then repeat. They will ship anywhere though!

  13. elyaas says:

    guys just check theipodkids video on youtube he got a psp, wii, and killzone from lockerz and its real.

  14. Chris says:

    To all you people who say it’s awesome – have you yourself recieved a prize? I have 125ptz and I want to get some fucking skullcandies, “more coming soon” Lockerz.com is fucken shit right now, maybe it wll be ok is 6 months, I only takes 30 seconds so I’ll be a monkey for a while yet. But to the people who claim to have heaps of prizes, I believe you’re lieing to get more points, why you need more points when there is nothing to claim but sweepstakes at the moment I’m not sure.

    • Devil's Advocate says:

      Maybe you can’t get it because everyone wants it? Think logically. The amount of people on this program minus the people that don’t have enough ptz minus the people that don’t want it is still… what, half a million people? The amount of product has to be gone in maybe a minute, maybe two?

    • Joseph says:

      yes I have, and the reason for that is because they haven’t officially launched yet so they are kind of slow on the restocking for now. But give it some time, and they will refresh, They just had a refreshing of the prizes for the z listers a few days ago, so they should have a prize tide within 2 months at the most.

  15. AnGuy says:

    I think there are no items for now because the figeurd out ppl have been hacking PTZ. so probely over an time they will restock and everything will be going agian how it just used to be.

  16. LOCKERZ IS REAL says:

    It is real because i got my tshirt and my ipod touch so how is it a scam?

  17. meg says:

    i dont understand why everyone is complaining. all you do is sit on your ass and sign on and answer a question. WOW SO MUCH WORK FOR A CHANCE TO WIN SOME COOL PRIZES. it doesnt cost a thing so you really have nothing to lose.

    • Hans says:

      you’ve got a point

    • Casey says:

      Im with meg im only on the damn site for like 1min sign in (4ptz) answer a question (4ptz) total (8ptz) 13 days and i got a COD WaW 4 points because im a z-lister

    • ray says:

      ”it doesnt cost a thing so you really have nothing to lose” didn’t you learn anything in school, my dear average sap it always costs something. Sighhh in all this time you are wasting on your laptop/computer costs you a small portion of electricity and internet bills; but of far greater a cost is your self -respect that you for the sake of saving money have degraded soo much that you have dissolved your conscience enough to lie to yourself ( pathologically ) that by doing nothing you will gain. something . My advice to you is honor yourself and get a job like the rest of us, by doing this you can reward yourself and the people within the system who work hard to develop these comercial comodties. -oh and I do not apologize if I was rude. This is my personal opinion and do not apologize for it. .

  18. Damian says:

    I found a site, http://www.lockerz-scam.com which proves the site is a scam. It even found out that Lockerz paid a viral marketing firm to go around the web, especially in 4Chan, posting fake proofs and such…

    • Casey says:

      OMG that site was made to lure people into using amazon i read the whole DAMN thing it was a load of chit they had no proof that it was a scam and at the end it tells me that Amazon gives away free prizes no restocks no nada nada nada most people won’t read the whole thing but even if you didn’t read the whole thing you should still realize that there isn’t any proof that its a scam and that there is 100% proof that they were just trying to get you to go to amazon for your prizes i was wondering why somebody would pay to keep up a site that tries to make people believe that Lockerz is a scam until i got to the bottom they want you to go to Amazon

    • Daniel says:

      Yea right dude, that site is pretty lame I visted it. Im 17, don’t work for them, and know it isn’t a scam. I will soon post a vid proving it isn’t. Picture prove nothing, go on Youtube and you will see countless unboxings, all with the same tape on the boxes, and small paper inside

  19. Patricia says:

    Go to youtube, and search Lockerz unboxing, their are videos of people unboxing their prizes,with proof its from locekrz. and @David, It’s proably because they are out of stock, wait until they restock

  20. Axxxy says:

    you said a big shit

  21. speedstr says:

    you guys are ridiculous. just look up kathy savitt’s twitter.
    it’s not a scam.

    the restocking is troublesome, but it’s not a scam. and the guy who claimed you have to sign up 1000+ members is a humongous idiot.

    and Proprietor, what the hell? why would the people who didn’t recieve anything sit back and relax and watch videos? wouldn’t they be here, on this board, giving factual evidence that they didn’t get anything? damn.

    • mike says:

      haha… you are a big time wanker mate… Wake up and start living in the real world. You probably still believe in santa too. I have been involved in so many fucking scams on the internet that its not funny. They are all the same, offer THE WORLD and deliver NOTHING!!! This is the same… In fact I have become friends with a person who says lockerz DID pay him to post a youtube video of his “unboxing proof”… Enough said!

      • Zbigniew says:

        Your are absolutely right. This is all big scam aimed at getting as many members as possible for their own private agenda. I have done lots of research and I am pretty sure this is a scam.

      • Casey says:

        BS lets say that they don’t give away free prizes is it gonna kill you to go to lockerz for 1min to at least try and get some free stuff you got nothing to lose what info do i give them? Oh i give them my email and my address big deal i can create a new email they can’t do nothing with my address what are they gonna do come do a drive by im 15 they can’t do nothing to me i got nothing.

      • Dylan says:

        You’re an idiot… look at my post below.

  22. speedstr says:

    and holy crap, that website says that it’s a scam because some of the items say “Fresh out” when you click on them. You people are insane as hell. it’s like going to a damn store. if they don’t have a damn item, they’re fresh out. they’ll restock soon. you’re not running out of a Target yelling the whole store is a scam because they ran out of copies of modern warfare 2.

    • Zbigniew says:

      I spoke with hundreds of people and they tried to redeem but no luck. If you do strongly believe they are not a scam then why would they pay someone to post videos on youtube? Have you thought about it for a minute? If that is not enough of proof they are scam then what is?

    • Casey says:

      Ha you got a point i feel safer using lockerz now

    • Proprietor says:

      You know very little speedstr.

      The fact that you only get the “Fresh out” sign is because you will never be able to redeem ptz for anything else than wallpapers or a t-shirt, to wear as an ad around school or your workplace.

      And fcuk yeah!

      If someone advertised that they had a product, and when I got there along with other people wanting to buy that product and they would tell me its suddenly “fresh out” because one person or two got it, persons that nobody can talk to or ask to verify it, I would know its a scam.


      Since its just a well thought out trick to get you to look around the store for other things, or try to come back the next time they have the product in store, and “try your luck”.

      Have you ever wondered why they are also going to start selling items for real money? Its because the promise of free items were only a way to get you to join the site, the next step is for you to buy items, since its easier than fighting for that imaginary prize.

      • DigitalPh33r says:

        i have been on lockerz for 1-2 months and i am in the middle of if it is a scam and if it is legit, but i agree with both sides of this argument. also, proprietor, your kind of an asshole. i mean relax it is just a website, it’s not like if you join the world will explode.

      • Joseph says:

        proprietor, I think you also need to cool your ass down, I mean ,it’s only a site on the web, it’s not like you need to pay to join or anything, Stop acting like it’s the end of the world if Lockerz isn’t a scam, and by the way, it’s not a scam, your father probably told you that to make you work more.

  23. Damian says:

    Wow speedstr, you obviously didn’t read the freakin text, you just looked at the pics

    it says that during the restock there were items up that said redeem now, but when you went to the page it says out of stock, that’s like going to a store wanting to buy a bag of skittles but the cashier says no.

  24. Mr. Ac Doc says:

    Fuck you, Lockerz, go to hell!

  25. Kogion911 says:

    you guys are fucking retards why would they pay someonelets say 100$ or whaever to make a video when they could make an acount and make a much muhc better video with all the money they had and all the crap

  26. Tim Chan says:

    Lockerz will restock soon, by the end of this month. Saw on their fb page

    • Inspecter Admsk says:

      Has anyone ever seen any item instock? Let’s get a list of people who have recived free stuff. I’ve only seen that one youtube video. If i get my tee shirt i’ll come back and post something. Someone please prove if we are wasting out time with this shit

      • Devil's Advocate says:

        I was on today and saw items in stock… This entire thread is a seeing is believing type thing. THERE IS NO WAY TO CONVINCE ANYONE ELSE THAT YOUR IDEA IS RIGHT! Like, really? unless you post a picture of yourself, and then yourself with a prize, no one is going to believe anything.

  27. Robert says:

    I must be one of the lucky few, because I’ve gotten an ipod, a couple skins, and 4 psp games from it. and my friend got his stuff two weeks ago, a wii and some games…

  28. Dylan says:

    Ok, everyone saying it’s a scam is a fucking idiot.

    First off: I have a t-shirt and I got a PSP two months ago from them for 200 points. My girlfriend and I made tons of email accounts and she helped me out in signing up fake user accounts. I sold the PSP after hacking it on CraigsList and bought a laptop with it.

    Second: The reason you can’t redeem shit most of the time is BECAUSE IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT. They have SPECIAL REDEEM TIMES that they announce on their FaceBook and Twitter. http://www.twitter.com/lockerz

    Third: I’m a 17 year old guy from Maryland, US. I don’t work for them, I don’t KNOW any of them and I’m just a dude trying to get money for a new graphics card. Lockerz is how I do it.

    Fourth: That lockerz-scam.com site is fucking retarded. You have to be a flaming idiot to believe anything on there. Seriously… it’s massive slander.

    Fifth: Lockerz gets their money from SURVEYS. The daily questions they ask aren’t random. It’s a marketing poll. If they ask you what you’re favorite color on a shirt is, companies like Abercrombie and Fitch pay for the results that users type in. It’s not that hard to figure out you fucking tools. I have SEEN photos on the Lockerz FaceBook of their shipping department. It’s massive. There’s hundreds of boxes everywhere.

    Sixth: You’re all retarded for needing me to tell you all of this. If you say Lockerz is a scam, it just means you haven’t even tried.

  29. Your Mom says:

    Dudes, don’t take this fucking seriously.
    Lockerz is a new site, they’re improving it, that’s why there are some bugs, for example:no points coming or it will not take your request.
    They will fix the bugs.
    Anyone who says that it’s a scam is a fucking retard.
    Go watch Lockerz unboxing videos on youtube.
    I’ve already got 3 videogames and 2 lockerz T-shirts from lockerz.

  30. dani says:

    i agree w/ what dylan said (except i don’t agree w/ cheating). i live in wisconsin and i got a PSP as well, along with a pizza flash drive and of course a tshirt. my friend got a wii game. and this restock i got a netbook. o_o i have no association with lockerz. and that lockerz-scam site sucks, lol

  31. Ofchar says:

    I think it’s a scam, I mean, all you ahve to do is spend two minutes on it per day and in 100 days (if you’re a z lister) you get a mini laptop. who in theyr right mind would give you a laptop for 3 hours of work. anyway I am one of those sheep that thinks he’s gonna have an easy brake, that money grows on trees so I answer my daily question every day when I check my mail, since it doesn’t take away too much of my time so I go on being a dumb sheep. Anyway I’ve been checking out prizez and ,,, everything is out of stock. I love this thing with a letter “you cheated”. Anyway if Lockerz has thought me anything then that is that they are superb busines people and leaders in advertisement, as a student of a Busines\Informatics school Lockerz has thought me how to cheat people for theyr time ,,, and it’s all legal, you’ve got to admire them for that.

  32. kaane says:

    FUCK this SITe…don fall on this SHIT…fuck this SITE….they are giving away 10 prizes for 1million..people…fuck this…and fuck lockerz…SCAM SCAM SCAM….i am on lockerz about 3 months…got nothin ….1200 PTZ here…fuck you …nothin is FREE IN THIS WORLD….

  33. Nick says:

    You guys do not know the real definition of SCAM.

    If you loose money or huge ammounts of time then its a scam but lockerz is practically 5 minutes a day and if it works then IT WORKS!!! but if it dosent then you lost nothing.

    I know for a fact that swagbucks works (i have accumulated 100$ on amazon in giftcards) and free stuff isnt untrue because it is actually paid for by the advertising companies and any prophit goes into the pockets of the people who made the site. The bigger they get is the more legit they will become and advertisers will pay fortunes just to appear near lockerz so why would you doubt something amazing….And was it really that hard to believe in santa as a kid? why not believe in websites as an adult

  34. FuZioN says:

    The site makes money when people log into the website, when people do the surveys, and when they get people to join. So that less than 3 minutes a day is more than enough time if millions of people are doing it world wide, and doing it everyday. Plus the exclusive membership because of the invite factor make more people want to join making them gain more money. I personally believe it isn’t a scam because most website that scam people have a shit load of advertisements, yet this site has a very clean interface and is very clean and sophisticated. They have terms that they expect users to follow, and also it seems like they’re trying really hard to make it smoother and run efficiently. Even if it is a scam, your only contributing less than 5 minutes a day, and with all the people who go on facebook for hours doing absolutely nothing, in comparison it doesn’t seem so bad. In all honesty, there’s nothing to lose because there are videos of unboxing of prizes on youtube, and the prizes do seem to have a moderate pricing even if they seem “low”. I guess the reason people might assume it’s a scam because of all the past sites that were similar to this, and because of the fact the supply- demand ratio is so low atm. I’m going to continue going on the website hoping I one day get my ipod :D , some of you would probably think I’m wasting my time. But, it’s a better input of it than watching pointless videos on youtube, stalking facebook accounts and yadayada for hours. At least with this, there’s the possibility I’ll gain something out of it.

  35. $pike says:

    lockez is a gay scam a kid i know sent it to me and woudln’t shut up about it

    he also set my to my p2p which is a tottaly gay website which is so not legit

    so lockez is also not legti because u get everything fo nothing

  36. Alex says:

    I’m guessing, the reason why some of these things are happening is because it is BETA. don’t y’all ever think about that stuff?

  37. Bharti Gandu_Harami says:

    Lockerz is fuking crap…. i don’t know why too many people are interested to waste their time….. it’s pure scam… i am from India and have 300 PTZ but whenever I click redeem i get a fukin message “More soon”.

    So guys don’t waste your precious time in this fucking stink. Do something else, if you got time(shit) then u can afford to do it. But remember result is fruitless.
    Don’t believe those youtube videos…. coz lockerz may cheat people around the world by showing these videos on youtube. i have seen a advertisement(video) which shows that one can enlarge his penis size about 4-5 inches with the help of pill….hahahah… i am indian and my penis size is 3.5 inches and i tried world medicines but my penis size is still the same as b4. If you think that a pill can enlarge your penis then you should continue using Lockerz.

    Indian ROCKS.

  38. dooshes says:

    sure they do make money from the surveys and if you are a z-lister, but did you ever think that they use the money they make to pay people to make unboxings and crap on youtube. some guy i was talking to on lockerz said that he got a macbook air in a month.? HOW THE CRAP IS THAT POSSIBLE WHEN YOU GET 4 POINTS A DAY.?? ive been on the site since it came out and it said i cheated when i wanted to get a freekin video game.??? the only reason they made the site is cuz when you sign up, you give your cell phone number and adress so they CAN SELL IT to people who want you to get scammed by them too. my aunt got asked to do an unboxing on some weird site and they gave her the choice of $150 or a dsi(i know the dsi cost more than 150 but the offered that). she had to make a video about the dsi…
    for the people who are saying you got something from them i have to tell you something-
    yeah i know i just typed something long for two minutes but atleast i have a life and aint on the computer everyday…

  39. Joe says:

    How in the hell could it be a scam if they’re not taking any money from anybody? People just want to try to find a conspiracy in everything.

  40. Free Wii says:

    Cheers for the great info – I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy reading this blog. :)

  41. Krossfire91 says:

    for every point u get, the team from lockerz are paid a set amount.. thats y its so tough to redeem prizes coz they need more ppl to join to giv every1 a chance to be able to get what they aim for..
    for all u ppl that are saying OMG LOCKERZ IS A FLAT OUT SCAM!, how can that possibly be when they submit videos of themselves doin the question of the day… do u really think a group of ppl are that dumb that they are willing to show thier faces every freakin day..
    just coz u watch child porn on 4chan the peice of shit that it is!
    sor ur fukin heads out and quit whining, get a job, and stop critisizing ppl for a fuking website.. theres hundreds or thousands of sites that are plain scams but u dont go bitching about those… get a life the lot of u.. its a bit of fun ffs!

    • mike says:

      Actually, fucktard, I DO “go bitching” about the numerous other scams on the internet. Quite frankly I am sick and tired of these bullshit scammers…. so if anyone knows a thing or two about being scammed its me. They are all tricky bastards and make it sound legitimate to suck people in. This fucking lame “lockerz” site is the same… I have been unable to claim a reward that I have legitimately earned…. Also, how is it fun… the questions are so fucking lame… log in, answer a dumb fucking question and receive a prize???? I said it before and I’ll say it again “if it sounds too good to be true then that means that it is!”.
      P.S. How long is it going to take these wankers to get their site fully operational. They said months ago it would be ready… yet every time I sign in to the piece of shit it just says “coming soon”… very, very professional, would you agree?

  42. Brian says:


    You get 2 PTZ for every person you invite. When you hit Z-List, you get 4 PTZ for every person you invite plus 8 PTZ a day for logging in and answering the daily. Don’t you think if you have a lot of friends that join, you would get a Macbook Air easily?

    • linndsayyy betchhhezz says:

      get you facts straight before you try correting somebody you dont even knowwwww.

  43. Sundi says:

    well I just asked for an invite to try it out so I’ll see for myself if I receive the invite. I read a couple of places that mentioned one person showing their shipping proof and accidently showed the address and that’s how it got tracked back to that other company that helps spam

  44. potelis says:

    Those people who wrote that this is a scam are fucking retarded. I am laughing at you and i know that you wont get anything from lockerz. I already got my t-shirt and now i am waiting for my iPod Touch. haha you people sucks so much :D

  45. Daniel says:

    Also! there are no surveys! So its a question daily that you can fill with gibberish and it wont matter!!! Do some researche, it is not a survey scam!

    • linndsayyy betchhhezz says:


    • blaah says:

      um haha the questions are ALL part of how they earn money.

      they look at your responses: whats the latest trend? whats the newest fashion? whats your favorite color? mac or pc?

      they take your data and use it to market to other companies and see what the people these days are into. they sell or use that information to..lets say manufacture jeans or computers that fit everyones likings.

      its called coolhunting. its something that everyones falling into these days. please do some research and get educated

  46. Marketeer says:

    Exactly. By collecting ur answers they’ll make a customer profile which – in combination with ur e-mail and other personal details – they can sell for BIG $$$ to marketing companies.. That’s where they get there money from and of course randomly they send some prices just to “prove” they’re not a scam and people continue believing in it. Use ur common sense and you would understand that this game isn’t “lucrative” for the most of us; get a job and work for ur $$$ unless ur a fifteen y/o kid or a retard that isn’t able/willing to.
    This IS a SCAM. nothing more than a piramid game..

  47. Christopher says:

    It isn’t a scam, as it doesn’t involve money. The most they can do is “sell” your e-mail to advertisers, IF you agree to it.

    “We will not share your personal information with third parties for their direct marketing purposes unless you agree to such disclosure”
    – From the Lockerz’s Privacy Policy

    There are some catches, however. If you read the Terms and Conditions, you will see it isn’t “too good to be true”. The entire basis of the early prizes being so easily obtainable is to acquire a large base of users before the launch of the website.

    I really don’t feel like typing a well thought out, sound argument. So, I’ll leave you with something to ease your nerves:

    “How will Lockerz make money? Starting later this fall, you will be able to purchase products at Lockerz. But don’t worry, PTZ Place will still be around, with way more prizes and experiences. Members will be able to earn PTZ every time they buy, watch, play, share, invite friends, or simply show up on Lockerz. PTZ will be redeemable for both products and experiences.”
    – From Lockerz’s FAQ Section

    Life is about taking risks. This is a tiny risk, which may end up in big reward. If you feel uncomfortable with sharing your information, then make a second e-mail account to sign up with. Use a fake name when you sign up, and don’t give them your address until you claim a prize.

  48. Todd says:

    I hope it’s legit. I’ve been on there for about a month.

  49. ray says:

    my advice to all is think logically, if you can’t do that heed my advice and get a job!

  50. Nice website, I was doing a little internet browsing and stumbled onto your blog, I was wondering if you knew your website is rendering strangely within the K-mellon browser. I can see everything but the graphics are somehow out of wallop. Most likely not a huge deal since hardly nobody utilizes it anymore but I am old school and still run it.

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