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Posted By Tony on March 5th, 2010

Hey guys, I’ve introduced Swagbucks to you guys in the past and here I am again, giving you an update on Swagbucks. Swagbucks just had its 3-year anniversary and with it came a load of updates. Swagbucks continues to provide a search function for its user, but you also get PAID for searching. As you [...]


Is Lockerz a Scam?

Posted By Tony on August 18th, 2009

Lockerz Invite

The Get Paid To community has been in an uproar after the launch of a new rewards based site–Lockerz.

Questions have been brought up about the legitimacy of a  site that rewards you for doing just about anything.

So what is Lockerz?

Lockerz.com is a brand new site that rewards you for just about everything you do. Registration is very easy and members can earn points extremely quickly. One of the main reasons why its popularity is spreading so rapidly is because it’s very easy to earn enough points to redeem a variety of merchandise. This includes MacBooks, Designer Handbags, Video Games, iPods, Nintendo Wiis and much more.

How it works

You can earn points in 3 ways:

1. Logging in each day.

2. Answering the question of the day.

3. Referring new members.

For example, in the first day alone, I got 23ptz through registration, 2 ptz for signing in, and another 2 ptz for answering the question of the day. All this for a grand total of 27pts! What does this all mean? Well, I can already redeem many videos games such as GTA4, which is priced 25pts!

Is Lockerz.com a legitimate website?

As a testament to the legitimacy of Lockerz.com, its CEO, Kathy Savitt, used to be Vice President at Amazon.com and the CMO at American Eagle. Lockerz.com major financial contributors is Liberty Media, which owns a major part of Time Warner, which is the firm that supports Bodybuilding.com and QVC.

Currently, Lockerz is in beta and access is invitation only.

To get an invite:

1)Please subscribe to my blog!

I only get a certain number of invites per day, and want to focus on rewarding my loyal readers.

2)Please contact me if you are interested in joining! Make sure to put “Lockerz Invite” in your title or something of that sort so I don’t miss your request. I’ll make sure to double check with my email subscription list to insure that you’ve subscribed to my blog.

Thanks a bunch for reading and if you like what you’re reading, please subscribe to my blog!


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632 Responses to “Is Lockerz a Scam?”

  1. Alex says:

    Yeah everybody who thinks Lockerz is a scam just leave then?
    I happily recieved my $50 paypal cash from them and ordered something the next day, now waiting for it to ship.

    So really their is no need to argue. Don’t like Lockerz Just get the fk out. Not hard?

    These site makers can also be trying to drive you guys away just so they get a better chance at redeeming.

    No more redemptions anyways now, since it will be fully launching soon.

    • harvie says:

      hey dose lockerz have a new website to redeam because i cant see the prizes plese tell me

    • Pocho says:

      No it won’t, not soon at least, probably in like march, or sooner.

      • Feder says:

        Why the fck does the redemption lasted like 30 minutes? I mean, SERIOUSLY, did it even existed? I was back those 30 minutes ago and the same sh*tty screen “prize redemption coming soon”, will that screen change after i join the zhit-list? I know one thing, not worth to send 20 stupid e-mails to my friends.


        I am not amused >:[

    • Damien says:

      I can never seem to redeem prizes it always says more soon why is this??

      • John says:

        you need to be a z- lister in order to actually redeem the prizes. Just make 20 fake g-mail accounts and youll be done in a half hour. Just wait for the prizes to be updated and be quick about registering for what you want to redeem. BTW the mac books are a load of bs. They dont ship but everything else does so dont be descouraged.

    • >. says:

      Im pretty sure lockerz isn’t a scam seeing as it has a reputable ceo and some people I known have cashed in ptz and actually gotten their order.

      • Neil says:

        lol. Since when is a CEO ever “reputable” and trustworthy? They are money and power hungry people who don’t care for people like us who will milk our time and money. How else do you think they got to where they are right now?

      • nico says:

        How can you be “pretty sure” lockerz isn’t a scam when your friends did recieve their orders? ^^ Don’t you trust them?

    • Fez says:

      how do u redeem things cause it only shows u the items and doesnt say redeem on them :S

      • Zim says:

        there are redemption dates every month. you can only redeem your points for prizes on these dates.

    • John says:

      I cant redeem a prize??
      like I want the modern warfare 2 game, but it always show under the game “More soon”
      and I cant click on it or anything???
      so is that like normal?
      when will we be able to redeem the prizes?
      in the same time, how did u get a prize when it is still in the redemption process.

      • tom says:

        all rite, first u have to be a z-lister, thensign up for the redemption, then, on feb 25, im not sure the time there will be a 1 half hour redemption period. act fast though, things go out of stock quickly. trust me, i do it a lot

      • kevin says:

        they are upgrading it right now

    • N.N. Emus says:

      Whoa Alex!!! dont get so uptight…ppl are naturally concerned and curious if its legitimate.

      They LIKE Lockerz…and WANT the free stuff, but they DONT wanna get scammed, esp. when there are soo many scams out there. Whos to tell whats what.

  2. Collin is Hardcore says:

    Its not a scam guys. I don’t work for them or anything. Right now currently they are working on the site. I don’t know when it will be finished but when they finish there will be full stock of everything.

    • Jon says:

      its likely they wont finish it, its a scam because of the advertisement they get and the amount of money they gain compared to the amount they give out for prizes etc makes there cashflow extremely positive, it is a scam

  3. masih says:

    does any1 know when its gnna restock becus i wnna get my ipod touch . And when i added ppl and they accepted me I still have the same amount of people i need to hv for a z lister….

  4. SB says:

    Why Lockerz is an obvious SCAM….

    1)You do absolutely nothing for incredible prizes…?
    -Sure you can answer survey questions, but the fact that you can say anything in response to those questions, even saying “hello” or something on every single question, makes the “Site selling info in order to make money” theory less feasible.
    2) Lockerz is ALWAYS “Fresh Out”…
    - The fact that they are always “Fresh Out” out of literally everything is another questionable problem with Lockerz. If Lockerz was indeed a legitimate website, they would ensure that enough prizes were redeemable for at least some of its members rather than nearly none, (other than those they have paid to claim that their own personal items were sent by Lockerz).

    3) Add the numbers up…
    Lockerz has an estimated 4 million + members. Lets say that JUST 1% of those members had enough points for a Psp,( only 200 points I believe and not very difficult to accumulate points apparently). So 40,000, and im sure the number is MUCH higher, people have enough points for a psp,( an item worth about 175 USD). 40,000 multiplied by 175 gives about 7 million dollars at Locker’z cost. Of course Lockerz can’t provide for all their members, but to not be able to provide for even 1% of their members is just plain sad.

    4) So you get a T-shirt…
    What does that prove? The t-shirts are worth less than a buck. I too have gotten one in the mail, even though the package stated that the shirt was requested 6 months before I received the worthless shirt. 6 months to deliver a shirt… and how long till I get a “macbook air”, or an “Xbox 360″? I think I’d be dead by then.

    5) Have you seen the Lockerz guys…
    The two guys they frequently show on Lockerz look like the biggest stoners I’ve ever seen. Seriously, A couple of retarded college students who invented a brilliant scheme to make money off the idiots of the internet. Showing those idiots alone is enough to get anyone thinking.


    • Pocho says:

      I just have one question, how do they make money off people on the internet? they don’t ask for credit cards or anything.

      • David Davidson says:

        Its not a scam, they make money due to the advertisements and as said above, they are partners with A LOT of big profile companys. Newfags gtfo

      • Navarox says:

        well you will be starting to pay for the items now. Think of it like a very large store that lured you in, and now is going to make you pay since the good items are never available.

        You will be able to buy ptz with money, which means that there will not be any difference from actually buying the item in a store and on lockerz.

        The difference will be that in a actual store, you dont have to take crap like

        1. no items, always sold out or out of stock.

        2. no info on when they are going to be in stock.

        Are you willing to pay for ptz?
        Are you willing to pay for that item that you never got?

        Think about it, lockerz is turning in to a online store. And ptz will be worth 4 times less then before, as said in the faq. So if you spend 30 minutes each day, you will have to spend 2 hours to get the same amount of value from your points.

        And that is just a terrible way of forcing kids to spend more and more time on lockerz and feel the need to pay for ptz, since they dont ahve the time or suddenly very little points because everything will be 4 times more expensive.

        Tell me that is not wrong.

      • meh says:

        They sell their huge user database.

      • John says:

        SPONSERS DUDE!!!!! Lockers advertises other products so the compaies pay for teh advertisements on lockerz.com and during lockerz events.

    • MACjr says:

      Your stupid. a scam is where they take your money. if this site is fake, which its not, then it would be called a hoax. plus not everybody wants the same thing and you could only redeem one thing per redemption.

    • alisik says:

      if i redeem prizes, will they charge you on ur bills? lol i just don’t get how they keep up with this site and the prizes if its all free. then they don’t get any money at all?!

  5. Belal M says:

    although i am not 100% sure if lockerz is fake,during the last redemption that lockerz have had i was not able to redeem anything,however the previous redemption i was able to redeem but there was nothing that i fancied so i didnt redeem anything,lol,so personally rest assured i honestly do not belive this is fake,there are videos on youtube and there are plenty of unboxing videos of prizes recived from lockerz

  6. u guys are stupod says:

    Lockerz is not a scam i got the t-shirt… and gt4 is actaully 100 points bitch

    • Isherish says:

      A t-shit.. WOW :O

      You sold your friends email addresses for a t-shirt…
      The t-shirt, which you can walk around like a advertisement for lockerz with, for free, how can they be so nice?

      T-shirt = 0.01 $
      Advertisement value = 10-1000 $

      Lockerz is now going to sell items for money, and sell ptz for money. Yes ptz will give you a discount and you can still get things redeemed for ptz, BUT, everything will cost 4 times more (according to their FAQ). That means that you will only buy things, since the ptz you have now will soon be worthless (more worthless then now :) )

      Thats all that they did, invited you so that you could invite people. And now they will try to sell you things.

      I have to say, a very nice job of concealing their original intentions, but those not blinded by impossible promises knew all along that it is a scam.

    • craig says:

      right now u have some sense

  7. I liked your post very much. I just started college and in need of some cash. I’ve never heard of this b4 but it seems very promising and I’m gonna to give it a shot. Thank you so much!

  8. Anthony says:

    I see no harm in trying lockerz, as your not giving away your credit card or anything. Also the idea that every single person claiming to have gotten something from lockerz has been paid off is ridiculous, because that’s a lot of people. When people think something is “too good to be true” it makes it automatically false, or a scam. I don’t see why people cant just sit back and wait. Eventually there will be proof of it being a scam or not being a scam, and if it ends up being a scam, oh well, its a good thing you sat back and waited. Of coarse, you can always cry about lockerz being a scam when you have no proof, then have it turn out it’s not a scam, and look back at how much negative energy and useless complaining you did too.

  9. Pancho says:

    Hello ppl I just want to tell ppl that i have like 2 or 3 accounts and on my main account i have like 555 ptz i have never ordered anything from my main account but once i ordered a ipod touch decal just to try the site to see if it was legit or not and 10 days later my decal was in my house, i dont even have an ipod touch lol. There is some fishy stuff about the site but ima keep on trying i never even answer the ?’s rite anyways all i put is idk idk idk idk for everything they ask. I want to get enuff points to get something more valuable than a $5 decal like a laptop or maybe a ps3 or idk. I also think that the fact that they are fresh out of wallpapers is pretty f!@#$&% stupid!!! I guess ppl just have to wait and we will see what happens to the site. BTW im not a z-list member i need 7 more ppl to be eligible :/

  10. john says:

    I orderd an xbox 360 a while ago and i still got it. dont listen to people says it fake. they want you gone so the PTZ is lower for them. LOCKERZ only increased the PTZ of items because too much people.

    • Isherish says:

      No they increased the price since they want you to buy things instead with real money instead of ptz.

      And they want you to spend more and more time on lockerz, answer more and more surveys and invite more people, since the ptz will be worth less and less every day.

      Think like a business man please :)

      Give things away = earn nothing
      Tell people that there are free stuff, but the only way to get anything (more than a crappy t shirt or wallpapers) is to use real money.

      Do you still think that lockerz is your friend?

      • John says:

        Just a thought though, seeing as this is only a beta now, everything WILL BE PAID OFF BY USING PTZ. So why not just buy your stuff now, and just get the FUCK OUT when they actually charge you? I’m siding with no one, but i my self am a lockerz member, and so far i’ve received a shitty t-shirt, CoD MW2, Left4Dead2, and this nifty little iTouch. Doesn’t seem fake to me, although, if it is what you are saying it will be, with all this stuff they are giving away? Then what people will pay for points and the prizes, will, without a doubt, over shadows the amount of money they are losing now.

      • Chris says:

        dude, logging in, answering a single question takes 1 minute for me. Ur not answering a whole bunch, just 1… Inviting people takes not a lot of time either, type their email and your done…

  11. stevie says:

    hay im just saying at first i thought lockerz was just a big scam but it isint i am very exsited because i have 290 ptz and that can get me a psp,ipod,p23 games and if i get another50 i can get a wii i mean how awsome is that.I just recieved my t shirt from lockerz because i have invited 20 frends.Its an awsome site try it u wont regret it.

    • Isherish says:

      so now that you sold your friends to lockerz for a t-shirt, you can start paying for things, since everything will cost 4 times as much ptz.

      And you wonder why people call it a scam.

      The free tshirt is a win for them to give away, since it makes you think its not a scam and you wear it at school advertising for them.

      Thats all, enjoy your time wasting, soon to be moneywasting lockerz

      • NotaDebbieDowner says:

        Holy shit dude you have knocked down every1 saying it is a scam or that you have sold out your friends email addresses… welll BIG NEWS FLASH HERE! email addresses are not that big of a deal. A quick google search and for another like 35-40$ you can find out anything you would ever want from someone right down to every job they have had, relatives, addresses, phone numbers, criminal records etc. So saying that you sold your friends out for a tshirt is like saying you dont give out your friends phone numbers to keep them safe from telemarketers. It’s just plain stupid and honestly ignorant. Dont go parading around about how its a big scam without good reason. Me, I havent gotten anything personally, but the min or less it takes me to get my points for the day is such a negligible loss that it means nothing. So for your point that its a waste of my time, yes if it is a scam ive lost 1 minute every day ive done it… so right now im at about 20min wasted. Ive wasted more time coming up with a reason as to why i cant go to work and need a longer vacation. If it does pay off and i somehow get a wii for 250 ptz then take the 250/4(points per day) and you get about 29 minutes worth of work for a wii. or 200$ for 29 minutes worth of work. Is it not worth it? If you can honestly say its not, you have no concept of time or money. Regardless if things start costing more, I can still get a free dvd or something for doing some simple questions while browsing its still more worth it than me absent mindedly sitting here for a minute doing nothing. Please stop trying to ruin it for everyone and keep your unproven and biased comments to yourself.

  12. Isherish says:

    This is the real facts.

    1. The only thing that most people get is a t-shirt. This t-shirt is given if you invite 20 of your friends and the t shirt will be used as advertisement, since yuo will be wearing it at school or in public. This means, that yuo are a walking advertisement, nothing more.

    2. People can redeem their points for wallpapers that are ‘windows and mac ready’ (which wallpapers usually never are :| ). These wallpapers will be used as an advertisement on you, every time you turn on your computer, you will be reminded to log in and answer surveys.

    3. Once in a while you will be able to get something else, like a ipod touch decal, as the poster above, but thats all. Only the cheap crap that you have no use for will be sent. It will just be as an affirmation that you can get something fantastic… one day (which will never happen)

    3. There are a lot of videos online, of unboxing etc. Those people doing that are doing it for either of these two reasons. a) They are lockerz staff (or paid for it) that are just advertising. b) They are people fooling around just so that they can get your interest and invite you.

    4. The author of this blog is himself a member and wants to recruit you, which means that his review will never be fair or balanced, since he want to get more ptz by inviting people. He cant give a bad review then, right?

    5. The people who rave about lockerz, telling you its the best thing ever, so much fun etc, are either paid for it, or people that want to exchange you for points or to get a tshirt.

    The fact that a former CEO for amazon is the owner means nothing, it can still be a scam, since its not controlled by an agency if its actually legit. People in high positions can lie and don’t need to take any consequences.

    Use your time on something useful, like music, your education, sports or helping other people. Lockerz is meaningless and time wasting crap. If you get a proper education you can buy what ever you like, without being a advertisement billboard for a large company and getting nothing in return except a promise that you might get a nice prize.

    Compare the amount of hours you spend on lockerz, and if you would have worked instead (no matter the job). Could you already have bought that ps3?

    Do yourself a favor and dont get caught in the time waste and scam that is lockerz.

    • Pocho says:

      LOL, the time spent? I spend like 5 minutes on it only, then I leave, and who cares if it is a scam? when they launch they will charge money, but with ptz you can get discounts, if you are paying, they can’t say no.

      • Navarox says:

        @ Pocho

        Yeah but think of it this way, you read in the newspaper that there will be a ps3 give away, all you need to do is to answer questions for one hour.

        When you are done, suddenly there is no ps3 left, its all gone and will be restocked another day. That day you will also have to answer questions for one hour, but its always gone when you are finished.

        What the store is doing, is trying to get to know what you like and would buy when they ask you questions. And since there wont ever be any ps3 left, you feel that you can buy something instead, since its cheaper for those that answer questions and you are already there.

        On top of that, they made you in to a regular customer, who comes every day to the store and looks around for something to buy after answering questions.

        Do you think it sounds ok if a store did that to you?

        All that they did was to make you in to a customer. You will feel that that store is the only place you will do your shopping from since they somedays give away a ps3 or that you have discounts (how ever big).

        And the value of each ptz will be smaller since they always raise the price, forcing you to continue answering more questions.

        Imagine that you saw an ad on TV that made you come by a store every day and look for something to buy, and even if you arent buying anything, you will answer questions for a cupon with a small discount. Hard to imagine?

        How is lockerz different?

        Its just a store taht made you come to them, and now that they ahve you interest, they will start making you pay, since they have to give you the item if you pay, exactly how you said it.

      • Isherish says:

        Thats all that they wanted you to do, pay for what you were told was free.

        Ptz will be worth 4 times less (everything will cost 4 times more ptz), which means that you will never be able to use ptz for items, only real money.

        that is why so many people knew that it was a scam.

    • Andrew says:

      See thats the thing, noone really spends hours on the site all there is to do is log in points and answer the question of the day. so you are not fully correct in sayin that people are on there for hours. everyone knows that you can only log points everyday making it pointless to go on for hours.

    • Chris says:

      You dont pay for crap at lockerz… how will they steal your money?

    • Sam says:

      You are so right dang i never thought of that how old are you anyhow oh and p.s you might me a good lawyer oh and p.s.s i’m smart

    • Sam says:

      Your smart and right oh and p.s you might be a good lawyer

    • william says:

      lol my friends from school have gotten thins from lockerz video games and a psp O_o

    • Xperia says:

      Quite frankly, you’re being pretty biased yourself. The fact that you are arguing makes you a time-waster. As you probably can see, no one cares about you anti-Lockerz jargon. Just admit that you are debating a moot point.

  13. MarcoC says:



    • Navarox says:

      marcoC, does the truth hurt?

      Does the realisation that you are nothing but someone who will feel that its appropriate to actually use real money to pay for an item, since the good ‘free’ ones are always gone?

      • nvrmind says:

        Why are you against Lockerz.com anyways?
        were you a member (or are you still a member) of Lockerz.com and had like 500 ptz and didnt get anything and now youre fustrated because you spend a whole minute everyday of your life on Lockerz.com?

        You just spend 1 Minute an hour, if you dont get it ok no problem. It will make someone angry ok but you actually didnt loose anything just a minute a day.

        And if they ask for money ok..thats your choice, you can pay or you dont. So actually you aren’t loosing anything.

        And if you get a T-shirt (btw my brother got one and their hideous) you mustn’t wear them so they dont make any profit of that either. Well i asure you i wouldnt wear those hideous things.

        So whats the big deal of just being loged on and answering one question?
        Only a minute a day.

    • Isherish says:

      tell me if the fact that the ptz will be worth nothing is fair.

      Everything will cost 4 times as many ptz (as their FAQ say), you have to spend 4 times as much time on lockerz to earn pointz as before.

      But the only way to get anything will be if you pay them, since the redeem items will always be gone before you have a chance (well except the shitty ones you dont want anyway)

      Do you think its fair?

      So much time spent, so much dreaming, so many friends you sold to lockerz… and now they want you to spend even more time, and now they want you to pay for the items.

      Is that fair?

      • meh says:

        they dont give a shit. every business plan is intended to make profit and so is lockerz. Building a business plan based off of incentives of the “rational” population is exactly what they are doing.

      • Arcticshock says:

        lol no harm in trying – u need to chill since apparently you spent way too much time getting scammed and are now crying lol

      • Lockerzislegit says:

        lockerz is real and WE DO NOT PAY REAL FRIKEN MONEYYYYYYYYYY

  14. muddy89 says:

    i really dont think lockerz is a scam…about the fresh out thing…well they are only beta and they cant get EVERYONE a prize every month…gotta be quick about it if your interested to get something :P
    and about people with unboxing videos being staff or wut not…well thats not true. my friend’s friend (who i know irl) got an nintendo ds, and a xbox after a while. about the tshirts..ive heard those are sent from another country thats why they take so long, but prices never take too long…up to 2 weeks max. but w/e ppl think w/e you want. :P

    • John says:

      Dude, also, if you think about it, even if you DONT get a free prize now while the beta is out, by the time they actually start charging you, the amount of points you have saved up will be WELL enough for you to get something.

  15. Aikawa Rumi says:

    Nothing is free in life.

  16. bilayy says:

    its a good site not a scam atall i just signed in

  17. meh says:

    People will follow incentives. Isherish stop trying because Lockerz has a successful business plan and its your efforts will be futile. In the end its still “free or cheap” stuff. This is the same as swoopo, an obvious scam but people still go to it because they want their cheap stuff.

  18. John says:

    THis is really a SCAM. They wont tell when redemption starts. By doing that, everyone thinks they were late in checking the site and hence everything was Fresh Out. But the fact is, there aren’t any prizes at allllllllll. Even if any, I dont think it will be a double digit.

    Fuck off!!! Shut the site down.

    • Josh says:

      their on beta dude.
      they did have redemption times put out publicly, and what their testing now is what happens when they dont reveal the time.

      Their putting back public redemption times soon

    • Chris says:

      how do you know they are a scam? just cuz more people eager to redeem got on and got all the good stuff before you did does not mean lockerz is a scam…How do you know for a fact the there are no prizes at all? The fact is you dont know

    • Stefan Lay says:

      Come on, it is just a BETA like a flipping survey! Its not a fake, the site is supplied by Amazon.com! Just wait till Autumn or Fall whatever you call it! Just have patience and wait! And stop swearing, there’s no need for that! Its a great site and at least you have something to do everyday… so enjoy!

  19. John G says:

    THis is really a SCAM. They wont tell when redemption starts. By doing that, everyone thinks they were late in checking the site and hence everything was Fresh Out. But the fact is, there aren’t any prizes at allllllllll. Even if any, I dont think it will be a double digit.

    If they are genuine why dont they announce a date/time and start the redemption? Whoever is quick will get. Otherwise only LOCKERZ team knows what’s happening behind scenes.

    Fuck off!!! Shut the site down.

  20. flag says:

    LOCKERZ IS A SCAM! My brother has been frantically refreshing the page many times this past week, waiting for the January redemption. Then, 1 hour later, he checked the Hallway and it says, “Thank you for participating in the redemption.. blah blah blah” When he went back to the ptzplace.lockerz.com site, it just said the exact same thing before there was a redemption: “REDEMPTION COMING SOON” I mean wtf.. He’s been waiting for weeks and I don’t even think there even was a redemption.

    • free says:

      i know what your talking about ive been waiting stayed on lockerz all that day and nothing it just keep saying redemption coming soon

    • $p33dy says:

      its dumb because it always says Redemption coming soon and i notice that once u load the page on redemption day quickly u can see a hand instead of arrow u have to click on it quickly and it will take u to the log on page to redeem but even after logging on all the good prizes were gone the only think u could redeem was to reserve a prize which costed 2000 points and wallpapers so far i cant tell if its a scam or not but ill keep trying to redeem something and see what happens

  21. Peter says:

    I love how that guy calls lockerz a scam and waste of time, when he stays all day long in this site posting replies to comments (yeah, i am talking about you Isherih)

  22. Long says:

    so when is the january redemtion?? if anyone knows cause i been logingin every day and checking ht ptz website and reading on the updates and all i have seen is the redemtion rules and january is about to be over

    please reply

  23. the champ says:

    I redeemed in 2009 and still didnt get da ******* prize ..T_T

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  25. jojojo says:

    Oh yes of course it is.
    Now leave so I can get more prizes at redemption :)

  26. Proxy says:

    Hey, I just hopped over to your site via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would normally read, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thanks for making something worth reading.

  27. Hawkheart says:

    I have one question for all of the people that think Lockerz is a HOAX (It’s not SCAM unless they take your money, retards):
    It’s free to join, log in, get points, and takes 30 sec. of your life each day. Does it really matter whether we at least TRY IT or not? And if you don’t like, don’t use it. It’s not that hard!!! Now go get mad about some other site, because even if this site is a HOAX, it’s not like they took your money. (PS, You can get to z-list by making 20 fake emails, you know. I’m at z-list with real ones, but there’s no reason why it won’t work. Some of of friends did it in September, and Lockerz has yet to find out.)

  28. Asian Guy says:

    First off, i can understand why you folks think lockerz is a scam, Because a lot of those sites out there ARE scams, i too at first thought it was. But hah, this one is actually legit because it is partered with the big companies. Its a way for Lockerz to earn money and also a way for those companies to advertise thier products. Unfortunately, there is not an unlimited supply to these things, thats why they’re usually out of stock. Although it may be true that these shirts are cheap (CHILD LABOUR OR CHEAP LABOUR). Anyways, you’ve had my opioins.
    -Someone who got his redemptions =D

  29. jnc880 says:

    Im not saying it is or it isnt a scam but I have been a memeber for least a yr now and yea not all them days I have logged in but I have not once seen anything aval. to redeem and Maybe the guys that states its a scam and using use to make money is right. They dont need to ask for credit cards or what not just us going through pages on there or looking at videos they could be making money off this ,,off each person looking. So Like I said Im not saying its a scam I just know it seems like I am not going to get anywhere on the site and have wondered everytime I have logged in why isnt there anything to redeem…lol..

  30. uhh.. says:

    Can’t we all just get along??

  31. IDK says:

    idk if it is real or not but ithink the people who say its a scam are trying to make you to stop going on lockerz but i think it is a eal website and i will see very soon on the upcoming redmeption i am hopping to get a i pod nano or a wii or the i pod touch i still dont know wwhich one yet but i do hope it is real

  32. Aghie says:

    i think this site not fully scam.I know this site had never enough to redeem any PTZ..
    Now my PTZ reached 30, but i don’t know when i can redeem my PTZ…
    however, who knows?

  33. X says:

    Just think about this would you give out anything free that has lots of value to anyone for no apperent reason? If they actually do give out valueable stuff it might be like to 10 out of a million, they doing this to get something out of it. Stop been dumbas*es and go out for a walk instead of been all day on the computer or maybe do something like getting a job. All those people that say it works and say people like me are just trying to keep you away from “Lockerz” go ahead and wasted you time on that.

  34. SoN says:

    I don´t know if lockerz is a scam or not, but what I do know is that the only way to really prove it is trying, I have started like one month ago, and on February 25 I will reedem something and I will know that it is a scam if I don´t receive anything, I´m not a z-list, and I´m not interested right now, because I don´t know if it is a scam, so I don´t want to give them free advertising, besides that shirt is very awful and worthless, and if I receive something, and prove is not a scam, I will like to be a z-list, to get more ptz, but honestly I will not use that shirt.

  35. SoN says:

    Obviously, if it is a scam I will stop wasting my time, which is not too much, is a minute max, per day, and try to tell other people to stop entering lockerz, but I also think that ppl who say that is a scam and a waste of time, actually waste more time thinking what to write and thinking in new facts that are not proved, but also some lockerz questions are actually fun, so I don´t think I´m wasting my time and if I can get I prize for free, it will be worth.

  36. does it matter says:

    It’s not a scam… but they are breaking bank on stupid sheep:p

  37. Thomas says:

    Regardless if you say its a scam or not..lockerz has some of the worst customer service out there..they rarely meet the deadlines they set..they have constant glitches and bugs that usually go unfixed for months even though they are a major problem unless the glitch is one that gives extra ptz..and they have been up for a year now and have only added one feature to the site which is play…each restock seems to get shorter and they rarely answer your email with a straight forward response.

  38. Simon says:

    Lockerz is legit. Scam free. All you do is sign up, Earn points, and save up until redemption time. Me I have 136 points after only 2 weeks. Which is nowhere near enough to redeem the highly valuable xbox 360 elite. But I have been watching videos constantly and earning points. By redemption day tomorrow, I shall probably have a good 400 points or more! And if you don’t believe me; check videos on youtube.

  39. N.N. Emus says:

    Points can’t be redeemed immediately. People must wait for “redemption” periods which occur for about 5 minutes every month. That’s 5 minutes every MONTH. After accumulating points for months, users finally get the opportunity to redeem. What the users don’t know is Lockerz has a VERY LIMITED STOCK of goods. After the initial 20 seconds of redemption, the only goods that are left are wallpapers and other useless stuff.

  40. Valy says:

    I am sorry to say this but lockerz is a complete scam here is my theory:

    Lockerz gives prizes to some lucky few people (maybe 50 people) each redemption and so, when those people get their prizes they go on you tube and advertise that it is real and so thousands of people sign up through their links and that’s how lockerz makes millions of $$$ by get clicks or views, when someone wants to buy their website which is already extremely popular,can offer them around $1,000,000 + and Lockerz gets away with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of profit. As for the lockerz T-shirt lockerz probably buys those for less than a dollar each,and then people wear them to public places and lockerz gets advertised again, wining $$$ off of you.


  41. Lockerz is a scam.
    Yes, they do ship prizes, but it is almost a lottery.
    Even if you have enough points, only about 5% of Z-List get prizes, and about 2% of normal members get prizes. Only once a month you get to redeem, and at that time, there are only 15 prizes, and I timed it – 8 secs maximum for any prize to remain available.

  42. widad says:

    You guys make me bored with all this non sense of lockerz being scam. lol. anyways i am a lockerz member and i got my stuff(took me a long time). lol.cant stop saying lol. lol. anyways you people that dont think lockerz iz scam are right, others please dont bother. lol.

  43. widad says:

    Points can’t be redeemed immediately. People must wait for “redemption” periods which occur for about 5 minutes every month. That’s 5 minutes every MONTH. After accumulating points for months, users finally get the opportunity to redeem. What the users don’t know is Lockerz has a VERY LIMITED STOCK of goods. After the initial 20 seconds of redemption, the only goods that are left are wallpapers and other useless stuff.

  44. dicks says:

    scam you idiots

  45. I can honestly say “WITH EXPERIENCE” Lockerz is legit. Click my name for all the facts and info about how it is legit. Don’t let people use the “scam” word to strongly against this free service. Know the facts and judge for yourself about Lockerz. When you click my name you will go to a blog page of mine that shows how legit Lockerz is the best way I know how. I will not give out any invites with my site just raw proof from the Lockerz members for the Lockerz members.

  46. Also to “Lockerz Hater” next redeem time how long the guarantee your prizes last.

  47. Furthermore mr”Lockerz Hater”, everyone knows the redemption times each month are a clear chance at items. Don’t get mad if you don’t get what is a chance to begin with. Save your PTz Lockerz will have more chances. Everyone knows they cant give out big items to each of the over 7 million members and growing in one day. In time this is possible, but not on one redemption day. Go for something small, or save them PTz for guarantee prizes or the 24/7 launch of the site which will happen just like everything they said has happened has, new site/almost bug free/PLAY section/next who knows maby games? Than maby SHOP and than I assume full launch! Don’t call a free service a scam just cause you didn’t get that PS3 or Wii or Xbox 360. Don’t be that greedy person that wants a PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360 before you call something legit. If you get anything small or big at a redemption it is legit to call this completely free service anything but legit on these grounds is outrageous and quite frankly ignorant.

  48. Evan Lucas says:

    I’m close to positive it isn’t a scam, but the redemptions are quite dumb. You can only redeem once monthly and it can be at any random, silly time that a redemption begins.

    Last month’s was on a Saturday night!

    I checked when I got back in from partying (which everyone my age does on Saturday night!) and there was a message on the main page thanking people for participating in this month’s redemption. I though … WTF?

    I have close to 300 ptz and have yet been able to redeem the points. I have a life; a job, a fiance … am I supposed to sit at my COMP all day?

  49. aries says:

    i need sum detials case i.ve been a member at lockerz for a month and ive been logging in every day i keep my comp on all the time i refresh the page every 30mins and it just says more soon and now im thinking that im wasteing my time and do i have to be a v.i.p to redeem

  50. aries says:

    oh and i log in and it says that there wis a redeem time and i wis like wtf so wtf wis that about

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