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Posted By Tony on March 5th, 2010

Hey guys, I’ve introduced Swagbucks to you guys in the past and here I am again, giving you an update on Swagbucks. Swagbucks just had its 3-year anniversary and with it came a load of updates. Swagbucks continues to provide a search function for its user, but you also get PAID for searching. As you [...]


Is Lockerz a Scam?

Posted By Tony on August 18th, 2009

Lockerz Invite

The Get Paid To community has been in an uproar after the launch of a new rewards based site–Lockerz.

Questions have been brought up about the legitimacy of a  site that rewards you for doing just about anything.

So what is Lockerz?

Lockerz.com is a brand new site that rewards you for just about everything you do. Registration is very easy and members can earn points extremely quickly. One of the main reasons why its popularity is spreading so rapidly is because it’s very easy to earn enough points to redeem a variety of merchandise. This includes MacBooks, Designer Handbags, Video Games, iPods, Nintendo Wiis and much more.

How it works

You can earn points in 3 ways:

1. Logging in each day.

2. Answering the question of the day.

3. Referring new members.

For example, in the first day alone, I got 23ptz through registration, 2 ptz for signing in, and another 2 ptz for answering the question of the day. All this for a grand total of 27pts! What does this all mean? Well, I can already redeem many videos games such as GTA4, which is priced 25pts!

Is Lockerz.com a legitimate website?

As a testament to the legitimacy of Lockerz.com, its CEO, Kathy Savitt, used to be Vice President at Amazon.com and the CMO at American Eagle. Lockerz.com major financial contributors is Liberty Media, which owns a major part of Time Warner, which is the firm that supports Bodybuilding.com and QVC.

Currently, Lockerz is in beta and access is invitation only.

To get an invite:

1)Please subscribe to my blog!

I only get a certain number of invites per day, and want to focus on rewarding my loyal readers.

2)Please contact me if you are interested in joining! Make sure to put “Lockerz Invite” in your title or something of that sort so I don’t miss your request. I’ll make sure to double check with my email subscription list to insure that you’ve subscribed to my blog.

Thanks a bunch for reading and if you like what you’re reading, please subscribe to my blog!


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632 Responses to “Is Lockerz a Scam?”

  1. Nicolas says:

    I think this isint a scam, is just a really good idea for a business (in this case, a simple store)
    Im close to 300 ptz and if someday they let my buy something with a discount, ok! i just spend a few minutes everyday like i do with Taringa, Hotmail, Facebook and shit and they never give anything for exchange…

    so, ill keep loggin and answering question, eventually ill get something valuable, paying with discount or free (i hope the last one :D )

    Sorry for the writing, i have no practice at all doing it..

    im Nicolas from Argentina.

    • Eric says:

      I’ll be able to verify whether or not its a scam within the next few weeks. I recently made the “Z-list” for inviting 20 friends to the website and if what they say is true I should be receiving a FREE T-shirt in the mail. Let’s see if I actually get it…

    • louis says:

      tell me if it actualy comes

      • Lenny says:

        Yeah, the shirt comes… The adress MUST be correct in the settings area. I’m portuguese and I have reaceived it

    • Aaron says:

      Everyone, lockers is a scam. You can earn points easily, but it says that the products for sale are ALWAYS “Out of stock”!!

      • Fred says:

        theres a Spring Fling redemption this month which means if you get 200ptz between april 3rd and 13th, you get to redeem items.

      • Will says:

        it says out of stock because u can only redeem prizes during redemption (when their prizes are refilled) I can gaurentee lockerz is legit cuz my friend got some skullcandy from it.

      • Dylan says:

        I agree that if you arent redeeming withing the first two minutes everything is out of stock. the website will soon be legit and you will be able to redeem anytime.

      • Jamie says:

        well if lockerz is definately a scam, then in what way do the owners benifit from this (no revenue can possibly be gained)

      • c-col says:

        do you just expect them to have an unlimited supply of free stuff?

      • Matt says:

        Errmmm… you do realise you can ONLY redeem during redemptions?
        Or are you talking about the shop, which they DON’T have up and running yet?

      • bella says:

        it dosnt always say out of stack you just have to get there at the right time

      • Criss says:

        There is only specific times where you can redeem, it should tell you on the news feed

      • pook says:

        no its not i got an ipod touch

      • caleb says:

        aaron lockerz has a once a month general redemption. that is why the items are always out of stock, they do this because they need to have time to restock all the items properly and to get enough for the next redemption.

    • joe says:

      what are the chances of getting a ipad like how quickley do they sell out

    • goldaceofspades says:

      in essence its not a scam but its not really worth the time. you can get 100 points easy but being able to get the big prices are impossible. a lot of my friends think its a scam and i can’t get em to join, so far i only got 5 and i have been using it for 2 weeks now. also there is a ton of websites that offer lockerz invites so that out of the picture and watching vids only gives 2 ptz each… if you ask me too many people who wanted to join are in and so its way too hard to make z list now, thats if assuming your not making 20 email accounts to add….

    • Tyler says:

      @ Jason

      Same here man, I received no t-shirt AND the mug I ordered 2-3 weeks ago. (The mug was a test, I didn’t want it but ordered it to see if they would give me it, they failed.)

      I got nothing from these guys, they wasted my time and they lost a loyal member.

  2. Jeb Stryker says:

    I don’t think Lockerz is a straight up scam, but it is shady as hell. I haven’t seen a redemption period yet (I just joined up a few days ago) but I’ve already heard so many horror stories it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the hassle.

    P.S. the argument that the former Amazon C.E.O. is affiliated with it means nothing. It’s obviously a real company with backers, but that doesn;t mean they still can’t rip you off. They wouldn’t be much of a business if they didn’t make some sort of profit.

    • Autopsy Gremlin says:

      Actually, Lockerz gets money from ads.

      • Ndallaco says:

        very true. ads on big websites are very costly. they could get the equivelent price of a new macbook in a day. also there are some websites that have “deals” and “contracts” with other websites where they get money depending on how many people go on the site.

    • WangChi says:

      Redemption periods happen once a month until the site actually goes live this spring.

  3. Kyle says:

    its a scam or not?
    did some1 get something?

  4. William gehrig says:

    The reason people are saying it’s a scam is… well, mostly because they’re stupid sheep that hear one opinion and don’t know how look into something and gain their own opinion, but also because of some people not getting their prizes. They didn’t anticipate how many people would get such points at such speeds, so they didn’t have the time to stock everything to supply the demand, and a few people (less that 5%) didn’t get their prizes. It makes sense, because it is very easy to get points, and things are pretty cheap on there, so they got more requests than they could handle at the time. My brother has already gotten Modern Warfare 2 from the site, and I’m going to get my Ipod Touch 32GB when I get the points. Try the site out, if you get invited.

    • Andre F says:

      and also the thign is, who cares if its a scam, your onyl losing 5 minutes of your time..its not like they have your credit card info and can steal your identity…

      • kawirider5 says:

        acctualy thay ask you for your birthdate your full name your gender and your address and that is all someone needs to find your social security number then one day you find out you have 3 houses 10 cars and the banks are having you arrested for false payment it happens every day people be smart im not saying thats what this web site is but i would leave a letter or two out of your name and dont give them your acctual birthdate there is no reason thay need to know

  5. Steve says:

    It’s a scam

  6. ryan says:

    Supposedly people have gotten their prizes from this site, but EVERYTHING redeemable on the site right now is not available, and they will not say when they will resupply.. If this was legit, that should not happen. They need to be more open about the way their system works – so people do not have to ask if the site is a scam or not. The owners post video blogs and they truthfully are an obnoxious two guys you can picture laughing all the way to the bank on this one. Will they try to keep it running? sure, I’m guessing so. But right now it is effectively a scam when the user cannot benefit in any way.

    • Joseph says:

      Dude, there is like 1 wave of products that come in every month, that is the time when you go in and redeem before anyone else. They ahve a limited abount of products and they tell you when exactly the wave will come.

      • Evan says:

        they have a redemption once a month where you can redeem your prizes, but they only have a certain number in stock. They get their money mostly from all the advertisements they have on their site each day, and certain advertising videos on their site. The reason the redemption is only once a mont is because they use the accumulated advertising money, other than some they keep as profit, to get the products which their members demand. I have recently obtained my macbook in the mail from them and i am joyful that i got an invite to this site. O ya in case you haven’t figured it out it is not a scam.

  7. Evan says:

    it’s not a scam, my friend redeemed Batman: Arkham Asylum for X360.

  8. _emerica_ says:

    I wouldn’t say that’s a reason for it to be a scam. If they told you when it would be back in stock, everyone would rush on that day for something. The fact that they don’t say, but I know stuff goes in stock (kids in my school have Lockerz shirts on), is a way for them to get you to check out the site daily, multiple times a day to try to snag something.

    On top of that, the point value for things are surprisingly low.. I’m not sure how they’re making money, but it probably has something to do with the items never being in stock (so it seems).

  9. Chris says:

    Yeah, I really wish I knew when we could redeem, I’m 120 ptz in, and I’m worried I’ll never get to redeem it for anything.

  10. onealberto says:

    this is not a scam! see my website and there is a proof there.

  11. marzy says:

    Whenever I see positive comments about Lockerz.com its like:

    “my friend received…”, “my brother got….” and so on..

    I never seen: “I RECEIVED”.

    • Matticus says:

      I received their special T-shirt they give out for being what you call a Z-Lister. Z-Lister is somebody who has gotten 20 people to join.

      I also, back when I joined to see if it was real or not redeemed a little pizza themed 2GB flash drive for 40PTZ… And I got it a couple weeks later. So everything that I have personally experienced with Lockerz seems legit.

      Though a little word of advice, be quick when it comes to redeeming your PTZ. Shit goes fast.

      They only do one wave of items per month so people can build up their PTZ. I have 1067PTZ right now. And they just announced that Lockerz has added the iPad for March redemption.

    • nick says:

      One of the best post..lol :)

  12. Unknown says:

    Lol it’s not a scam. U just need to to be quick because when it’s the redeem period then everything goes
    in like 5 min but if ur quick then it’s not a scam. I got stuff of there and my video is posted on YouTube

    • Isaac says:

      It’s not a scam. Lockerz gets money from the advertisements on videos. Proof: I got a Macbook Air, though it took like one month come.

  13. Neko :3 says:

    The Reason Why redeemable stuff on the site right now is not available is that it is monthly -.-

    it’s once a month thingy….

    but i dont knoww about the receiving stuff soz…

    read the stuff from MyLocker to know what is going on.

  14. I just subscribed to your RSS feed, not sure if I did it correctly though? Nice article by the way.

  15. Timothy says:

    Do i have to pay shipments if i live in Europe/croatia?

    • WangChi says:

      Shipping is free internationally, but if there are any tax/duties you must pay for incoming items, You have to foot the bill for those.

    • Jamie says:

      do you live in europe or croatia… oh wait croatioa is in europe. well I actually dont know im just bored. im from england by the way.

  16. Callum Wright says:

    Hey i’m Callum, been at lockerz for a while now had a friend get something, i have not recieved anything thought but hoping to. Lockerz shall make redemption much more acsesible ie 27/7 instead of a few minuits a month and if your wondering how do they profit? Well marketing is a very big business with companies always wanting to know what the people want thats why you get these pay for survey sights. Since Lockerz has millions of global members companies will pay for a question in a daily question and the results, the new play section would have boosted their profits from artists or companies what ever wanting their video featured by lockers to and they probably recieve the goods at redemption at warehouse price so instead of Lockerz paying £120 for one Xbox and giving it away for free they pay something more like £30.

  17. Westy1414 says:

    I have just joined lockerz and iam wondering two things, one do you use ur ptz to get the things free or just discounts? and do they ship to englan or is there a fee?
    Would be very grateful if u could answer.

    • susan says:

      Its free, if you want something for 300ptz and you have 300ptz you get the item for free. As for shipping, they will ship to England, and it will be marked as a gifted and shipping is paid for, but depending on the country there might be an incoming tax, that’s totally baased on your country and not lockerz at all.

  18. Joey says:

    Lockerz is a company that gets paid to have ads on their site. And the way they attract people to the sight is with prizes. so they are getting a lot of money from the ads but are only spending a little bit on their prizes. and we all know that there are very few prizes and they are hard to get. so then everyone wins but the person logged on at lockerz. the ads get their product advertised. lockerz gets money. and about 3% of the users get prizes. so its not a scam. they do have prizes but it is just very very hard to get one before they are all out

  19. Rockos says:

    I have a question.
    I live in Europe, will they send the stuff what I will redeem? or it works only in the US?
    Have anyone got anything outside the US?

  20. Kyle says:

    i started this thing today, and just got 18 pts. im on the way for a 32g ipod touch

    • susan says:

      they have just trippled the amount of ptz the prizes are worth, so it will beomce harder to earn enough points, but they also added play, which might balance the hike in ptz.

  21. onealberto says:

    lockerz is not a scam. i have this on my blog that identifies it not a scam or bogus. see my blog and you’ll find out. actually my target for this march redemption is an apple ipod. wow!

  22. Fredrik says:

    Hey, just started out yesterday and i have 150 points. How much extra PTZ do you get when being on the “Z-list”? And how often do they add new videos to watch?

    • Juan says:

      When you become a Z-lister you will earn double the PTZ, which is 4 PTZ every time you log on, answer a question, or watch a video.

    • anon. says:

      To be a z-lister is not dependent on how many points you have but rather how many people you invite to the site. Twenty people is the necessary amount to become one.

  23. Ryan says:

    @ Fredrick:
    you need 20 FRIENDS, not points. also, my friend thinks its a scam, but after reading all this, i’ll continue! thnx

  24. tler says:

    u need to invite 20 friends to join lockerz and the ull b in the z-list.im already on da z-list status[yay].i got 410 ptz now, heading 4 an xbox 360.i hope thissite is legit tho.

  25. Elmer Fudd says:

    you can also get points by watching videos. they put a few up every week and there is no limit to how many you can watch. at 2 points a video and almost 100 there it really adds up. and you dont actually even have to watch them. just put them up and let them play. then confirm it! easy! ive done like 8 in 20 minuets.

  26. kc says:

    Lockerz is NOT a scam…its a legitimate website that uses advertising for its revenue. Its in its beta stage right now whih means not just anyone can join…if you want me to send you an invite just post your email.

  27. Juan says:

    Lockerz is not a scam. My friend recently got enough points or “PTZ” as they call them in lockerz, to get a Macbook Pro. There are two more ways of earning more points. One of them is by inviting 20 people. After you do this you will officially be called a z-lister, and you will be able to earn double the points. So every time you log in you get 4 points, and every time you answer the question of the day its 4 points. Another way of earning more points is by watching the videos that they have posted up. You will get 2 points every time you watch a video, but if you are a z-lister you get 4 points for every video you watch. But you will only get the points the first time you watch a video, z-lister or not.

  28. Matt says:

    who else got something because i want a psp and i want to show my dad it isnt a scam

  29. Shahzor says:

    If you’re wondering how this site sustains itself then ill answer ur wonderness question! The questions u guys answer are sponsered!!! E.g. “Do prefer Nike, addidas, or puma?” The question is sponsered by all these brands. So its like a survery for the companies, and they pay lockers to ask such questions on their site. Simple!~

  30. daniel says:

    i have a lockerz account and have 1892 pointz and no matter how hard i try every redemtion they happend to be phresh out so yes its a scam i have 30 friends with the same problem

    • Criss says:

      I stayed up till 1 in the morning one time and i got an ipod touch :D hope that helps you just keep trying

  31. Jake says:

    you get 4 ptz as opposed to 2 ptz for everything it gets you much more ptz and you can get what you want much faster

  32. lockezis@skam says:

    no retard its the sponcers on the videos dumb ass

  33. Antony says:

    Shitting thing is that they have increased the points required to redeem gift by 4 times..

    Initialy it was 1000PTZ for MacBook 13 inch
    but now its 4000PTZ..

    i m just 400PTZ now.. cant redeem tis month wat i was aiming for

  34. Antony says:

    Bad thing is that they have increased the points required to redeem gift by 4 times..

    Initialy it was 1000PTZ for MacBook 13 inch
    but now its 4000PTZ..

    i m just 400PTZ now

  35. Shane says:

    Whats up with the extremely high priced items now? Mac is 14000 instead of 1500… Please tell me mine is just glitched.

  36. MARCOS says:

    is not a scam but is wack im with e-rewards and they do give you what ever u want i get gamestop gift cards for taking surveys lockerz is wack there never going to give anything

  37. moikle says:

    yeah, they earn much more money hosting the videos than they spend on prizes. the redemption isn’t a scam, they just run out quickly. however, later this year, they are getting products on demand so you don’t have to wait for a redemption. allthough it is frustrating that they just trippled the prices, i figured out that after march radness, if international won, then i would have enough to get a ps3, but now i’ll only have a third of the correct amount. they are bringing back the games to earn points though.

  38. Sachin Singh says:


    i m not getting points for playing some videos.
    i get an error like —”u can get points once”
    but actually i have not watched that video before.

  39. Sachin Singh says:


    i m not getting points for playing some videos.
    i get a message like—

    Remember you can only get PTZ for one video at a time.

    but actually i have not watched that video before.

  40. Prwl3r says:

    Hey. Im just wondering if you could help me. I cant watch videos, when i click on it, it doesnt do nothing, I just see a black blankness. Anyone got any ideas why this could be?

  41. ganiyat says:

    Hello, I’ve watched all of their videos and also they’ve raised their price up STEEPLY. $5,000 via paypal used to be 7,500 ptz. Now it is 40,000 ptz. It’s not so cheap anymore and they’ve changed all of their prizes ptz. Any none is available right now. There’s nothing to do anymore on this site.

    • black.marque says:

      yeah does fucks really hiked up der “PTZ” nad now unless we are able to make 20+ pointz each day i dnt think we ca ever get any of those cool gadgets like ipod touches etc.. :-\

  42. Ward says:

    Lockerz is defenetly a scam. March redemtion was won for the international team which i am in and yet when i tried to redeem a prize it said the redemption wasnt for me.
    If that is not a scam i don’t know what is.

  43. Louie says:

    Don’t know if its a scam or not but I just joined in March in the whole USA vs. International. Does only International get to use the redemption or are they first? I can’t say its legit until I actually redeem something that doesn’t say the common Lockerz word: MORE SOON! Its a scam to me until I redeem something.

  44. Robin says:

    Hi guys (girls) i got my xbox 360 today!!

  45. DJAVi says:

    I have hd lockerz for about two months now,im saving up for a PS3 or something good, I don’t think its a scam, if it was, what do they gain? you give them no credit info, they ask for your address so they can ship prizes to you, and they’ll never ask for money or your Lockerz password, so if it was a scam, why something build something they’ll never fain anything off, and you’ve got nothing to lose. So how can it be a scam?

  46. MoMo says:

    I have about 1400 points now and 102 invited friends that accepted ,but still didnt get a tshirt =p i still think lockerz is legit im just saving up to get that macbook for me mum.

  47. Ben Forte says:

    Lockerz just gets people to sign in, answer some random question every day and douche-it-out for “PTZ” so they can invite other MORONS to do the same dumb thing.

    All this while they’re making pocket change made from selling ads and getting clicks to eventually buy some gadget or video game to string along all the dumbasses month after month that have signed in day-in and day-out expecting some “big giveaway” that occurs only ONCE a MONTH. That’s when all these strung-out-on-PTZ morons battle to trade in their WASTED TIME (not “PTZ”, but “wasted time”) for some false hope that answering some lame question for the last fuggin YEAR is worth finally getting that LAME GREEN WATCH. For all it’s worth, these morons have just participated in a huge survey with a fancy interface that lasts months and months.. and happens to have “girls”. You know people just forget about that site once they get their dildo in the mail or whatever. Any website can give away ONE thing ONCE A MONTH and not be all circle-jerk exclusive.

    Lockerz is not a scam, you’re all right, it’s just DUMB.

  48. Chuck says:

    I think that lockerz is legit, although it’s nearly impossible to redeem your points. They now have millions of users and each one tries to redeem their points at the same time. I like to view it as a lottery. Yeah, I’ll go on, get my daily points and try to win something but honestly, it’s a million to one shot at winning whatever prize you try to order. I mean, millions of people all around the world trying to get the same products from a limited shipment. So they won’t screw you, but they’re definitely not giving away free stuff to EVERYONE.

    • Dylan says:

      Ya so far everythings been out of stock but its just cause of how many people are on. They did just release a statement saying that they would fully launch the site and people would be able to redeem anytime.

  49. noodles says:

    lockerz is not a scam is what im starting to think. i made an account and right now have 118 ptz. heres some ways you can get ptz:

    1. logging in
    2. getting more people to join
    3. watching videos
    4. awnsering the dailies

    ok, so if you get at least 20 people to join you make the z-list. wats that? its a list where whenever you earn ptz its double that ammount. kool huh? when i first joined i could not find the dailies. the dailies are located at the bottom right corner. next to the dailies shows your ptz. lockerz is a very kool website, and im oretty sure its not a scam. they get money by advertising stuff.

  50. fritz says:

    hi guys! I just recently registered yesterday in lockerz and I already earned my 316 points. well, whether it’s a scam or not, I still have my hopes on their goods especially the gadgets and now earning my way to either ipod nano 16gb or itouch 8gb. why don’t you guys give it a shot since it seems like they won’t spam or steal anything from you once you’ve registered. I can’t wait to get my hands on those gadgets to be shipped in front of my house. :D

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