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Posted By Tony on March 5th, 2010

Hey guys, I’ve introduced Swagbucks to you guys in the past and here I am again, giving you an update on Swagbucks. Swagbucks just had its 3-year anniversary and with it came a load of updates. Swagbucks continues to provide a search function for its user, but you also get PAID for searching. As you [...]


Is Lockerz a Scam?

Posted By Tony on August 18th, 2009

Lockerz Invite

The Get Paid To community has been in an uproar after the launch of a new rewards based site–Lockerz.

Questions have been brought up about the legitimacy of a  site that rewards you for doing just about anything.

So what is Lockerz?

Lockerz.com is a brand new site that rewards you for just about everything you do. Registration is very easy and members can earn points extremely quickly. One of the main reasons why its popularity is spreading so rapidly is because it’s very easy to earn enough points to redeem a variety of merchandise. This includes MacBooks, Designer Handbags, Video Games, iPods, Nintendo Wiis and much more.

How it works

You can earn points in 3 ways:

1. Logging in each day.

2. Answering the question of the day.

3. Referring new members.

For example, in the first day alone, I got 23ptz through registration, 2 ptz for signing in, and another 2 ptz for answering the question of the day. All this for a grand total of 27pts! What does this all mean? Well, I can already redeem many videos games such as GTA4, which is priced 25pts!

Is Lockerz.com a legitimate website?

As a testament to the legitimacy of Lockerz.com, its CEO, Kathy Savitt, used to be Vice President at Amazon.com and the CMO at American Eagle. Lockerz.com major financial contributors is Liberty Media, which owns a major part of Time Warner, which is the firm that supports Bodybuilding.com and QVC.

Currently, Lockerz is in beta and access is invitation only.

To get an invite:

1)Please subscribe to my blog!

I only get a certain number of invites per day, and want to focus on rewarding my loyal readers.

2)Please contact me if you are interested in joining! Make sure to put “Lockerz Invite” in your title or something of that sort so I don’t miss your request. I’ll make sure to double check with my email subscription list to insure that you’ve subscribed to my blog.

Thanks a bunch for reading and if you like what you’re reading, please subscribe to my blog!


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632 Responses to “Is Lockerz a Scam?”

  1. LockerzNotaScam says:

    I believe it’s not i mean Guys you can’t be picky yes stuff can take forever to ship but ITS FREE! Regardless of what it is. I gotten a t-shirt so far and thats because i missed all redemptions. But i mean this is the EASIEST way to just get SOMETHING free. Beggers cant be chooser. either way… its just for fun if you get something good for you if you don’t, try again!

    • shop is a scam!! says:

      i have been watching videos on lockerz for months and finally have enough ptz to get what i want. when i tried to buy something in shop to get into another redemtion, the cd i got had most songs with either only half the song, or a 0:04 second song or maybe even a 0:01 second song!!!!! i paid full price for this and i feel scammed!!!!!

    • it is so a scam says:

      It took me about 3 months to get enough points. I redeemed in SHOP because I couldn’t get into their one minute redemptions. I placed my order on 4/15/10, and have still not gotten anything. When I wrote the “support staff” an email, they sent me the FAQ list. When I responded to that, they never replied.

    • mared says:

      FOR 33.60

    • recentlyderezzed says:

      It’s basically a scam. Thats not to say that SOME people don’t get free stuff, but the vast majority end up getting ripped off. They’re constantly lowering the value of points and giving them away for free which causes inflation. This make it much harder to save up for anything because the value of the points you’ve been saving is constantly decreasing while the prices of items are going up.

      • This says:

        The prices of items never change, dude. The items are sold through lockers, by the companies them self. I emailed Nintendo and asked about them selling DS games through lockerz.com and asked if it was fraud. They emailed me back with contract details saying that lockers by law had to sell the product, or refund the points and cash if they can’t ship it. It’s takes a while but get the fuck over it it’s free or super discounted. END OF STORY

  2. Olly says:

    It really isn’t a scam, I’ve recieved my z-list shirt, so has my bro. We got a macbook pro of them.
    When they restock and open the redemption, THOUSANDS of people try to get into it that all of the good stuff is gone withing mins! I’m hoping to get an iPad in the Retro Redemption. Some people think it’s a scam because it’s just so popular and hard to actually amke the redemptions on time!

    • Paul says:

      You seem to forget it takes thousands of people to anwser a simple survey question or watching an advertisment on Lockerz for them to have enough money to give you a macbook air. Despite them giving away prizes to just a handful of people they pocket a lot of the money they make.

    • Scryter says:

      Dude, you lie.

      Even if you got t-shirts, it just for comercial.
      And IF you got that Mac, you’re probably the most luckiest person i know.

      • This says:

        You guys, quit crying because you never got anything. Redemptions are hard to get things from, but they are real, no scam. It’s better to use your ptz in shop though. Lockerz faq says they have to sell the product by law or refund you. You can even email the company that sells the product. Lockerz only gets a small percent for selling products for a company.

  3. gav says:

    lockerz is a scam
    you can redeem anything good cuz all of it is gone in less than 1 min

    • Anon says:

      if ur able to redeem on time its not a scam ;) MILLIONS of people are on this site and they can only provde so much for the MILLIONS of active users.

      • John Rivera says:

        Here is what I say…. I have yet to get into a redemption from them. Every time I try they are out of prizes in minutes. But I do think that if someone has been in the redemption before then lockerz should limit them from any future redemption until everyone has had a fair chance to win a prize or something.
        Due to the fact that they run out of stuff so fast and the fact that I have to spend numerous hours watching videos I am thinking about forgetting the lockers thing. But that is just me.

    • Joe says:

      i got one of there top sellers after 30 minutes of redemption had started.

  4. none says:

    how is a fucking scam if you still get something ur so fucking stupid

    • John Rivera says:

      So you are saying that you have gotten a prize before? Because I have not gotten not one thing from them and I have tried at every redemption!!

      So before you go posting this is not scam then think… Have you ever gotten a prize? If so then I will shut up but if not then you should not say no scam

      • NO Name says:

        this is not a scam because i have been on the site for a wile almost a year and i finally got my t-shirt today it might take a long time to be delivered but its all free.

      • tobfus says:

        do you live in USA no scam?? or not than i know or i wil get my t-shirt i live in holland and ive been waiting for 7 months for that t-shirt

      • This says:

        Ever try the shop?

      • Are you serious? says:

        You have to be kidding. I mean… Yeah, everyone gets their shirts. Lockerz gets wayyy more money from all these offers and surveys than it takes to shell out 5,000 shirts. So it’s very easy to send out the cheap shirts.

        You can’t count that as a prize, it’s just used to keep you roped in and make you think that it will work, when, in reality, lockerz is the biggest scam on the internet, and millions of people fall into the trap a day.

  5. imad says:

    lockerz is not scam just have problem with international memebers the problem is send prizes

  6. Lance says:

    Lockerz is a complete scam and now fraud. I bought something off lockerz using points for a discount and it turns out that even if you have enough points for 100% discount, you still need a credit card or paypal account to pay for shipping and sales tax which was 8.70$ in my case.

    Later on i get a message that says that the fraud team thought i cheated to get my points and my order was canceled. The thing is, they never refunded my money. I never got my item, and their keeping my money and credit card information.

    Lockerz is fraud

    • G says:

      read the Terms of ude dude!
      it clearely states they can do anything with your ptz and u have nothing to say but ‘thank you!’

      • mas says:

        yeah but just think, they need to be more leinient about who they accuse of cheating. if they have no reason to say you did something wrong, you should be able to appeal. thats just bad buisness. i get what your saying though, lance did accept the terms and conditions.

      • haha says:

        you guys fucking waited 7 months just for a fucking t-shirt???

        this is hilarious…lol

    • kjs says:

      then you really should take them to court or something

    • Scryter says:

      yep thats true.
      they send you those e-mails but dont respond if you repply them.

    • This says:

      Turn them into the better business bureau if they won’t relent. Their terms also say they have to sell a companies products to you, by law or give you a refund.

  7. lllll says:

    no one cares + i got a ps3 off lockers
    so shut up

  8. :) says:

    It’s NOT A Scam.

    I Had Over 4000 PTZ And I Got $1,000 USD In My PayPal Account.

    It’s NOT A Scam…


  9. darcy says:

    its not really a scam…even though im not yet a member(invited)i really belived that lockerz is true…..i just wish that i could get invited so i can earn points and redeem pricez…..yehey

  10. daniel says:

    ive been with lockerz ever since it started. those were the good days with a bunch of ptz per vid and redemptions lasting forever. but now, they make so much money from all the dailies and vids and ads that it doesnt matter what the hell they do. i had 8000 ptz until may, and after only mkaing 2 redemptions out of the last 10 or 11, i decided to use all my ptz to buy a ps3. i lowered the price to 191 dollars and bought it. a few days later i was sent an email saying i cheated to get my pts. so i never got my prize, i lost all my points, and they have my credit card information. i dont know what else to tell you..dont waste your time. get a job. this 8000 pts prob took me 60-70 hours over a span of about 9 months. its just not worth it

  11. nacho says:

    never mind. you know that if you dumb ass member of lockerz who thinks lockerz is a scam think again. login to yo account and on the bottom of the screen when you go way down when u do yo dailies theres a calendar that tells u the dates of the upcoming sales. just pick a damn category. learn and stop critizizing lockerz

  12. G says:

    dis aint scam, pipl!

    gives me a bread. i sell 5.000ptz account for $200. cmon, hooz gettin da last one?

  13. Lockerz Pro says:

    Haha, these people who think it’s a scam don’t know how to work the system or know how to be patient. I bet 75% of these people didn’t put in a legitimate shipping address. Idiots. Also, GOOD LUCK getting things in PTZ place lol. Your odds are say… 1/1000 ROFL.

  14. ganiyat says:

    The only way lockerz can afford to give EVERYONE anything is a: shop
    b: higher the prices. I favor this option. Better chance for everyone to redeem something.

  15. nuala says:

    whoever waste there life on lockerz iz stupid! i been on the website for A YEAR! i have 15000 ptz and guess wat? i never reddeemed anythin cuz everytime i do…everything is fresh out! this is completly utter bull.

  16. hmmmmmmmmmm anonymous? says:

    if you think about how many members there are in lockerz and think about people who types fast or use roboform(you are allowed to use it)the result will be it’s going fast so when there’s gonna be a redemption coming up only keep your eye in 1 item and make suer you’re atleast 30mins ready before the redemption is up.

  17. BillyBob says:

    Umm yea They have auctions….24 every day….sooo yeaaaaa

  18. Tour Mom says:

    i have 10000 points on my account and i have had my account for 1 year and everything allways says MORE SOON! should i quit going on lockerz? it seems like a waste of my time

  19. turdhole says:

    I ordered a game with my points and never received it. I emailed lockerz, no response. the company is pretty shady if its not a complete scam

  20. stacie says:

    I’ve always been really happy with lockerz until this week – I’ve got a few prizes in redemptions (nothing too exciting, just gift cards).

    BUT – My account was just closed. I have not used bots, I have not cheated in any way. One day I couldn’t log in, I got that stupid ‘Odyss’ page. Two days later I got an email saying their fraud team thinks I did ‘something’ wrong. (I received a generic form letter with some of their rules on it, none of which I had broken.)

    I’ve even been stupid enough to buy into the ‘wallpapers’ and ‘shop’. I’d been saving up my points for almost a year and a half, and had just broken the 200k mark – and suddenly – now my account has been deactivated. And, per their email, ‘my points have been zeroed out’ and my two pending redemption prizes have been revoked.

    I’ve contacted support – I asked them to tell me exactly what I have done wrong, and to send me some proof because I sure as hell haven’t broken any of their rules. They will not respond. So I then contacted the CEO Kathy who returned a one-line response ‘The decisions of the fraud team are final.’

    Needless to say, I am mad as hell.

    Seriously, WTF? I’m starting to think maybe Lockerz really IS the scam everyone thinks it is. I mean, I’ve had decent luck in the past with a few redemptions (nothing too exciting, a few gift cards), so I really believed in this site.

    I’ve seen other people on Facebook complain that Lockerz closed their account, and always assumed they had done something wrong. Now I’m not so sure…

    So today I contacted the Better Business Bureau. If you’ve had your account closed for absolutely no reason (and they won’t even tell you why), you should too.


    • Of course says:

      I do not have a lockerz account. But I believe I read that you could turn your points you earn into cash. If that’s the case, then I believe they deleted your account so you wouldn’t try to redeem those for cash. I think I saw a guy say he turned 4,000 points into 1,000 dollars that went to his paypal. If that’s true, then 200,000 points is a hell of a lot more. I believe they simply were afraid they’d have to cough up some cash lol. And Kathy sounds like a real bitch. I really hope you did contact the BBB. Because that is seriously wrong. I hope the best for you.

  21. Confused says:

    Ummm I want to get a laptop as cheap as I can should I sign up and try???:/

  22. Lockerz member says:

    Just because you haven’t gotten in a redemption, doesn’t mean Lockerz is a scam. It means you’re not FAST enough. You people have yet to realize that there are THOUSANDS of people trying to do the same thing you are. Even if you can’t get in one, WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING? It’s free! & if you buy “z-list” that’s your own decision. Not anyone elses. You don’t HAVE to buy a membership to this website.

    • Mafia says:

      @Lockerz member I wonder how can u ask such a question “WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING?”!! man cant u read that what stacie says Needless to say, he is mad as hell because he did a lot of hard work & spent 1 1/2 year genially in it, and in the end Lockerz.com behaved in such a BAD way. This is what i call BETRAYAL & u will come to know the pain involved in it that 1 day when it happens to u Lockerz member & that could be in any way in ur life.. If Lockerz.com is scam they are,”selfish human beings, all this for money…..hmm u can But earning money by good work in a ryt way gives u great feeling in ur heart which is divine”

  23. sai says:

    it is juz too hard to believe . i got more than 100 point in 2 day for playing the advertisment videos or somethin

  24. sai says:

    sorry i mean i got 1000 points

  25. Charvin says:

    The best way to earn points in Lockerz is by taking part in the 3X play, whatch a video with length 3~5 mins and get 250 ptz per view.! Uploading pics can give you 10 ptz(Some slots) Using the 3X play i got 9000 points in just 5 Days..
    Lockerz is not a Spam.

  26. egis says:


  27. no name says:

    yea im new to the site i have 7000 points in a matter of 6 hrs of work

  28. brad says:

    hey guys i just want to know how to buy stuff with ur points but not in the redemption or thebid just in trhe shop it pretty much syas i need a credit card

  29. FerretFace says:

    i think this website is a total scam, theres more reports of people being scammed than legitate positive reports of people getting stuff

    i check there every other day and i dont see ANY redemption in the shop

  30. Rebecca says:

    I seem to be getting a lot of points up doing the filling out offers. I just do the free ones and I’m about half way to enough points for the iPod Touch. But, it keeps saying more soon. From what I have read here it seems that they just have a certain time that they give them away and you have to get on right at that exact moment and try to get it real quick before anyone else does. I guess we shouldn’t complain because it is free. But, we do spend a lot of time and some people do the offers that cost to get points for what they want, so they not only spend time, but money as well to get the item they want. If it’s just available for a few min. and thousands of people are going to be there that exact moment to get it also, then not many will get it. Most will just lose out and all their time and money on the offers to get the points will be lost. They’ll have the amount of points they need, but will not be able to get the items. I was going to do some more free offers to try and get enough points for the iPod Touch, but if it’s just going to go to be available for a little while at a certain time only and there are going to be thousands of people trying to get it at once, then I may not even bother with it. But, I guess if I have the time to do the offers and their free then it’s at least worth a try I guess.

  31. Echo1g36c@gmail.com says:

    Not a Scam.

    I’ve had my Z-list shirt for about a year and a few months now. (came with a lockerz sticker that i lost immediately)

    This shirt is not some cheat $1 china shirt. It’s probably the most comfortable shirt i have.

    I have picture proof to anyone that doesn’t believe me.

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