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Posted By Tony on March 5th, 2010

Hey guys, I’ve introduced Swagbucks to you guys in the past and here I am again, giving you an update on Swagbucks. Swagbucks just had its 3-year anniversary and with it came a load of updates. Swagbucks continues to provide a search function for its user, but you also get PAID for searching. As you [...]


Lockerz June Redemption Info

Posted By Tony on June 7th, 2010

So, Lockerz just released some info on the June redemptions.
There will be two redemptions for the month of June, but each of them as a few requirements you must fulfill in order to  qualify for the redemptions.

Lets start off with the general redemption, you will need to earn at least 50 ptz between June 1st and June 19th 11.59 p.m. EDT. Pretty easy eh?

Next off we have the special shop redemption. Just like last month you’ll have to purchase something through their shop. All you have to do is shop at SHOP and spend at least $0.79. I know this seems like a random number, but I’m sure Lockerz has something in mind.

I’ll make sure to keep you guys posted as more develops.

Currently, Lockerz is in beta and access is invitation only.

To get an invite:

1)Please subscribe to my blog!

I only get a certain number of invites per day, and want to focus on rewarding my loyal readers.

2)Please contact me if you are interested in joining! Make sure to put “Lockerz Invite” in your title or something of that sort so I don’t miss your request. I’ll make sure to double check with my email subscription list to insure that you’ve subscribed to my blog.

Thanks a bunch for reading and if you like what you’re reading, please subscribe to my blog!

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36 Responses to “Lockerz June Redemption Info”

  1. Isabel says:

    Hey! Thanks for the info, so redemption is June 19 2010!
    But what do you mean by 11 59 pm “EDT”? Im from the philippines, does it has something to do with the time difference? What time is it in here? Please and thank you!

    • Tony says:

      It might not be on June 19th, You will have to see to find out. I was just saying that you had to earn 50 ptz between those two dates.

      • Micky says:

        Can you help me please..I live in India..and if i redeem anything in lockerz will they charge money for shipping to India………please tell

  2. deepak says:

    please tell me about duration of general redemption

    • FILIPE says:

      it takes about 10 seconds!!!all those hungry bastards dont have money to buy shit that’s on lockerz!!! damn i only got a chance to redeem some skullcandy headphones!!!

  3. deepak says:

    approx time left for general redemption for june

  4. Marianne says:

    Hello, Can you give the date of redemption for june please?

  5. Tim says:

    I am excited for the redemptions! Let’s see if I can get what I want!

  6. kevin says:

    i want the mac book pro

  7. Josh says:

    For the rememptions; do u still have to pay shipping when u redeem an item by either ptz or money?

    • Meth says:

      No, you can either choose to pay the fixed rate of 8 dollars with an online payment system such as paypal, or you can use your z-points to pay for it. I believe the standard is 150 points. However, that is for Shop and special redemption. There is no shipping costs now for the general RETRO redemption.

  8. JR says:

    will the redemption be in EDT if i live in california

  9. Nawazish Ali says:

    u will have to pay for the courier services.the take money with respect to the weight of the object

  10. Raul says:

    I’d like to know if I have to pay for the shipping on the item I redeem please!

  11. Michael says:

    I have earned 800 ptz in the last to days! I have got very addicted to lockerz lmao

  12. myles says:

    alright now the june redemption is changed to after the 21st so what day do you think it would be on?

  13. Luci says:

    Do you now in which day the redemption gonna start?

  14. ali says:

    so since im in california, does that mean that the redemption will be at 8:59 pm? i hope its on the 21st because im not gonna get tricked by lockerz and have them host the redemptoin on like some ungodly hour in the middle of the night without posing any warning. i hope i can get my laptop…. =)

  15. Aopotter says:

    possibly it can be on 22 June

  16. Claire says:

    so since im in california, does that mean that the redemption will be at 8:59 pm? i hope its on the 21st because im not gonna get tricked by lockerz and have them host the redemptoin on like some ungodly hour in the middle of the night without posing any warning. i hope i can get my laptop…. =)

  17. walter says:

    so is the redemption over? did they do one already?

  18. Katelyn says:

    All the ptz went up! Is it over?

    • gifty adusei says:

      today is june 26 is today the redemtion and how does it work, when u click on an item nothing happens

      • nunchuckie says:

        You will have to check up every once and awhile in REDEEM tab. It will say “Hello, You have X amount of Ptz” would you like to redeem” Then you click yes. and redeem! GOOD LUCK

  19. jowaad says:

    it will either be today or tomorrow i don’t know why but i have a feeling it will be keep logged in guys

    • John says:

      Did they already do the SHop redemption last night because i was refreshing for over an hour and at approx. 9:45 PDT which is 12:45 EDT it showed a dog licking a glass so i hope that wasnt the redemption taking place

  20. bonesign says:

    and still no redemption , just shop redemption ..

  21. taif tahmid says:

    okay i hv all da points i need… but da prob is i made dese pointz durin da last 5 dayz. but it says dat i can only redeem wen i get minimum 50 points between june 1st – 19th! wat if i didnt? will i be able 2 redeem in da retro redemption dis weekend?.. plz help me out sm1

  22. Fairly spectacular article. I simply stumbled upon your site and wanted to say that I’ve actually loved reading your weblog posts. Any way I’ll be coming back and I hope you post once more soon.

  23. Matthew says:

    What about for this 2011 year for June? Do you still have to purchase something off the store? I joined lockerz 3 days ago and I have about 9500 ptz. I wanted a MacBook Air but they only have a MacBook. I lost my 32gb 4th gen iPod Touch about 2 months ago, and my dad said, if I found it, he would buy me one. Thinking that I would never get it back. I am gonna get one of the iPod Touches and say I found it. hehe

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