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Posted By Tony on March 5th, 2010

Hey guys, I’ve introduced Swagbucks to you guys in the past and here I am again, giving you an update on Swagbucks. Swagbucks just had its 3-year anniversary and with it came a load of updates. Swagbucks continues to provide a search function for its user, but you also get PAID for searching. As you [...]


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Swagbucks Offers Birthday BONUS

Posted By Tony on June 12th, 2010


So, Swagbucks just announced that it is going to be offering a special 50 Swag Buck bonus that is going to be awarded on its user’s birthdays. So make sure to login and input your birthday so that you can take advantage of this sweet deal!

Are you interested in joining Swagbucks? If so click here and you’ll be on your way to the riches.

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CashCrate August Contest!

Posted By Tony on August 4th, 2009

Cashcrate is having a promotion this month! Their contest focuses on the most money earned through offers and daily surveys. All you have to be is one of the top ten earners for the month of August and you’ll be rewarded up to $75. Even tenth will yield $25 for the lucky earner and this is a great way of making some extra cash before summer ticks down.

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Stop Doing Brandarama Offers!

Posted By Tony on August 3rd, 2009


Brandarama has declared bankruptcy and declared that it will not be able to pay for the offers completed during June/July. Some of the affiliate partners have speculated in honoring these payments, but right now this cannot be confirmed. So if you have any pending Brandarama offers, chances are that you won’t be getting credit for them and GPT sites should begin pulling them from their sites. If they are still available make sure to avoid completing them, since you’d be wasting your time and energy.

You can view the full story at Miss Money Hunter.

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Squishy Cash Launches New Contests for August!

Posted By Tony on August 1st, 2009

Squishy Cash has just announced a boatload of new contests for the month of August! I have included a summarized list of them below:

50% Earnings Bonus For All! August 1st Only!

August 1st Only. Ends at 11:59pm EST. All members will receive an additional 50% bonus on top of all their offer earnings. For example, if you earn $100, you will win an extra $50. Netting you $150! All winnings will be added to accounts at promotion end.

August Earnings Contest!

August 1st-30th. Ends at 11:59pm EST. The top 10 members who make the most in offer earnings will win a variety of cash prizes! 1st place wins $100. Full prize breakdown can be seen at the site. Cash winnings from this contests will be added to accounts instantly at contest end!

August Completion Contest!

August 1st-30th. Ends at 11:59pm EST. Top 25 members who have the most offers completed will win a variety of cash prizes! First place gets $50 and there will also be a variety of Squishy Cash swag given out in the form of t-shirts and hats. A complete prize breakdown can be viewed on their site. Prizes will be distributed at the end of the contest.

$100 August Reach Promotion

August 1st-30th. Ends at 11:59pm EST. Every member that reaches $100 in offer earnings will instantly get $20 added to their account balance!

August Active Referral Contest

August 1st-30th. Ends at 11:59pm EST. You will earn $1 for each newly active member you refer in the month of August (Minimum of 5). A new active member is a member that signed up under you in August and has completed/approved at least 1 offer. Do note that you must refer at least 5 newly active members in order to qualify! Prizes will be distributed at the end of the contest.

What a great way to kickstart the last month of summer! Do note that the 50% earning bonus only applies to offers completed today–August 1st. So get cracking guys, and lets make some money together!

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Cashcrate Offers New Payment Method

Posted By Tony on July 31st, 2009

Cashcrate has always been a leading competitor in the GPT industry. And it has always prided itself in being very fair with it’s customer as well as providing the utmost in customer service. I’ve been a member for quite a while, but the one thing that turned me off from doing more with my member ship was it’s payment types. At the time, Cashcrate only offered check as its payment method, but today, Cashcrate announced that it will be adding direct deposit as a payment method. Here’s the full post:

We’re adding Direct Deposit as a new payment method that will be available to Silver+ members starting on Monday. This is a great way to get paid faster–rather than waiting for a check to arrive, you can choose to have your CashCrate payment deposited directly into your bank account!

Starting on Monday, all US members with a referral level of Silver and higher will be able to select the new payment method under ‘My Account’. Simply enter your Direct Deposit information through our secure server and your payment will be processed this way automatically starting in August. This includes earnings for July, so you’ll have about one week to make sure your information is entered and up-to-date. Enjoy!

This is great news! Now you won’t have to deal with cashing checks in every month and it allows those living in multiple locales, such as myself, easier access to our money. The prospect of reaching Silver member (50+ Referrals) might seem daunting at first, but let me be the first to iterate that when you get down to it, it really isn’t that hard to increase your referrals. If there’s enough interest I would be happy to write a post on the subject that netted me over 2000 referrals on one of my GPT sites.

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Deal Barbie Pays Under New Ownership

Posted By Tony on July 17th, 2009

Hey guys!

With the launch of my new blog, what better thing to do then discuss the current status of renown GPT Site–Deal Barbie Pays. In case you haven’t heard yet, DBP has recently transferred ownership of its GPT Network. The new owner, Dan, promises to shake things up and here is what he has to say:

I would like to introduce myself as the new owner of the DealBarbie network.  My name is Dan.  Some of you may know me from other sites that I operate, to some of you I may be new.  I have been running several gpt sites since 2007, and I am glad to add the DBN to the list.

I know a lot of you have been waiting for an announcement, I haven’t forgotten about you.  We have been busy swapping links and making the change as seamless as possible.  Within the next few days, a lot more of the offers will be reactivated, and several new ones will be added. More contests will be set live and jackpot offers will be defined. A lot of you are probably wondering what will happen next, and I understand that, many people have been the victim of a site transfer gone wrong.  I want to ensure you that we are financially backed and there are no plans to change any key points of the site.

What will change:
Within the next few days, a simple phone verification system will be added.  You will only need to verify your account once for life.  If you have used any of our other sites, then you have used the system.  It is simple and will take less than 1 minute of your time.  After we implement this system, all paypal payments will become instant and fee free.  All other cashout methods (gift cards, point prizes) will be handled 2 times a month near the 15th and the 30th or sooner.

Besides a few improvements to the site, nothing else will change.  The sign system, loyalty bonus, referral system, jackpot, and all other features will remain untouched. Please bare with us, as learning a new routine will take a little bit of getting used to and learning, but in the end our intentions are to keep it as-is.

I am always open to comments, suggestions, feedback, or anything that you can direct my way.  You can email me at info@dealbarbienetwork.com, open a trouble ticket, or use the inbox system.  These sections will remain monitored throughout the day and night.

I look forward to meeting all of the members on DBP, and making this site shine like it always has.


So what does this mean for us? Instant payments are going to be amazing and is a great step up from the month long waits that we had to endure in the past.

Dan is also offering a $5 bonus just for signing up! Not only that, but they are offering great referral bonuses as well as multiple contests that total over $100! One of my favorite contests has to be their most cash earned offer. How this works is that by the end of the time period, the users that earn the most money get an additional 50% cash added to their total! This is huge, as it can easily push you into the hundreds. So what are you waiting for? Click here or the banner above to join Deal Barbie Pays today!

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